Love Island: A Few Thoughts

I AM SHOOK. If you’re anything like me and have been hooked on Love Island this year, then chances are you have been in absolute bits for poor Amber and Amy. That’s right, two of the most solid couples seem to have crumbled within a matter of days as Michael and Curtis had their heads turned by the new ladies who entered the villa. As I patiently wait for 9pm to arrive, I am asking myself why am I nervous about watching the events that are about to unfold? Why is Love Island so addictive? And if we’re being totally honest, hard to watch at times? As many argue that it is shocking, shallow tv, why is it clear that so many of us quite easily become completely emotionally invested in these blossoming relationships? Of course I am aware that Love Island is a game, but I think we are living in the generation where the grass is always greener on the other side. Everything is so accessible to us that we always seem to strive for the things that aren’t easy to get. This is great, in terms of goals and drive, but when it comes to relationships, things start to get messy. As a generation we don’t settle. Again, great, until we throw away a great thing.

I am struggling to watch Michael’s treatment of Amber. We saw them as a Love Island power couple with many people hoping they would be the pair to go on and win the series. Fans everywhere, myself included, have now had their own heads turned as we all feel let down by Michael’s antics with Joanna. In fact, my head is spinning. Perhaps something even more shocking than this is the change in heart of Curtis. We had stereotyped him into the good guy, putting Tommy in the box of the f*ckboy. This couldn’t be further than the truth as we watch Tommy cuddle Molly-Mae’s teddy while she’s away, and die a little inside anytime Amy is on the screen panicking about missing Curtis. From the start I thought Tommy smelled of heartache and disappointment, but boy did he prove me wrong. The hopeless romantic in me is saying: “You idiot, you’ve done it again!” as I prepare to accept Michael for who he really is and stop thinking of names for Michael and Amber’s first child.

Despite the fact that it is a game, there is that little kick in the gut as we watch all of this unfold. Why though? Perhaps it is the fact that the show is relatable. Of course on so many levels it’s world’s away, but take away the beach bods, perfect villa, Caroline Flack and millions of Insta followers. You are now left with raw emotion and a strong sense of vulnerability as lust takes over our tv screens. We’ve all been on the bad end of things, hence why Twitter explodes with angry tweets after each episode. Love is a rare thing these days, which is why Tommy’s normal, loyal and respectful behaviour towards Molly is so praised by women everywhere. We have made respect a sacred thing that’s hard to find, and although it is sacred, maybe it shouldn’t be. The world is full of Tommy’s, many of us were raised by one. Treating a woman with respect and loyalty shouldn’t be a personality trait that’s praised, it should be the norm. The women aren’t foolish, it is clear that Amber and Amy have doubts about what is going on in the other villa. A feeling we can all relate to – That gut feeling that things aren’t as perfect as they seem. This is a feeling I don’t want the girls to be experiencing because it’s horrible and wayyyy too common in 2019. Also, Amber had them f*ckboy vibes from the start. Always gotta trust the vibes.

Whether it’s Danny and Yewande, Michael and Amber, or Curtis and Amy, the hurt lies in the sneaky behaviour. The way Danny left Yewande on a “Oh let me take some time to choose between you and Arabella” hook before dropping her, and he has now moved on again, seeming to forget about his “connection” with Arabella pretty quickly. The way Michael complains about Amber after kissing and cuddling her every night, luring all of us into a false sense of security by appearing smitten. And of course the way Curtis has suddenly decided something is missing in his relationship with Amy after wedding bells seemed to be echoing very early on in the series. Everything seemed perfect between Curtis and Amy, so what is that missing piece he is looking for? If that thing is, as Carrie Bradshaw puts it, ” Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love,” does he really think he is now seeing this in somebody else, when he is still on the fence about Amy? And how could I forget Tom, the man who was unable to face Maura about his real feelings but confidently threw himself into “lad banter” that could only really have one outcome – hurting Maura, a woman he was supposed to respect and care about. An empowering modern voice for women everywhere. A woman who deserves more. Team Maura, am I right?

The issue isn’t the fact that heads have been turned, it’s the way people go about it. This is where I am losing respect for a few of the men in the show, as they all decide together that each guy has to just go for it. Yes, that’s true to a certain extent, but there’s still an unmade bed sitting there, so who makes that? Where do the sparks between Michael and Amber go now if only one of them has decided to put them out? And to top it all off, was slating the girls really necessary? Does it not bother Curtis that Amy will be devastated when she hears him talk about his physical attraction to her after telling her for weeks that she’s the best thing since sliced bread? Doesn’t he realise this doesn’t mean she isn’t physically attractive, it just means he’s being a bit of a d*ckhead? Doesn’t it hurt Michael to think about how this will impact Amber? It’s sad for the girls that the lads felt the need to create flaws in order to justify their cowardly behaviour, and a bit worrying to think about how many people are watching this behaviour worldwide and thinking it’s normal and acceptable.

It’s frustrating to watch this behaviour going on, because personally, I believe in many ways the strength of the women seems to be the thing that is making the men insecure in their relationships. Maura is apparently OTT, Amber has an attitude, Amy is lacking a physical attraction for Curtis, Anna’s behaviour is pathetic and Yewande was cold and closed off. As an outsider and a girl who has been through drama before (somebody get me a personalised water bottle ASAP,) I’m seeing some women who know their worth, have a clear vision of what they want and are loyal to their friends. Let’s not forget, everyone is quick to call Amber childish even though she was the only person courageous enough to call Danny out on his bullsh*t and treatment of Yewande, while many things in the villa are now being said behind each other’s backs. Ahem, Michael I’m looking at you, hun.
This is a villa full of beautiful, powerful women and I am so here for it.

To end this post, I would just like to say…

  • Tommy, I am sorry I judged you, please wife me up if things don’t work out with Molly.
  • Amy, your Mr. Right is out there. We were all fooled, hun. You are gorgeous and we love ya.
  • Amber, keep being you, you beautiful goddess of sass. We all fell for him, let’s move on together. We’re gonna be okay.
  • Michael and Curtis, I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in the villa. What goes around comes around. Have a nice life!

Oh, and if nothing dramatic happens and they stay coupled up with the girls. We still know, we don’t forget and we’re watching you…

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