Party Season On A Budget

Hey guys! My favourite time of year has finally come around. I’m a January baby so of course I adore winter! Anyway, one of my favourite things about Christmas is the glitz and glamour. It is the season of sparkle and I love immersing myself in that. However, I am well aware that social media can make perfection and never-ending bank accounts seem like the norm, but in reality, many of us can’t afford to be buying a new wardrobe every week, myself included! So if you’re anything like me and can always be found snooping around the reduced rails in Penneys, I wanted to share my tips for adding sparkle to this party season without the major price tag.

Don’t banish your faves after one wear
I have a plunge bodysuit that I bought in three colours because I couldn’t choose my favourite. I have worn these three pieces to death for over two years but they are SO versatile. If you’ve been following me for a while you probably even know what bodysuit it is I’m talking about! Haha Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t revive your favourite items of clothing, that’s ridiculous, you didn’t buy them to gather dust in your wardrobe!

Stick to brands in your budget
Don’t feel pressured to have a name on everything, you can pick up much more affordable alternatives elsewhere. For example, those belts EVERYONE has. You know the ones I mean, I think they’re ripping off Gucci or something but are like 5 quid in Penneys. Yep, I stocked up! Perfect to glam up a black outfit and don’t feel bad opting for the affordable one if its more in your budget, everyones wearing them so if you decide to get 4 different ones for 20 quid instead of just buying one for the label, who’s the real winner here?

Keep your eyes peeled
Look out for newsletters and social media posts letting you know when there are sales on. Also, get stuck into reduction rails. My friends and sister always say to me “You always find all the good reduced stuff!” I think flight or fight mode sets in, and when it comes to clothes, I’m always a fighter! Haha Especially if there was a piece I’ve wanted for a while, I won’t leave until I’ve hunted the place out for it. Fenella, the style sniffer dog!

Don’t get sucked into online hype
I remember being at an event before and there was a woman posing on a chair, laughing into the air for a solid twenty minutes with her poor mate down on her hands and knees capturing every angle possible. I was drained just looking at it and when the picture was posted she made out it was a caught in the moment picture. Eh, I’m sure her friend who spent the entire event posing as a carpet will agree that was not the case! It is VERY easy to make your life seem picture perfect online. Trust me, somewhere under that sponsored outfit she is hiding back fat rolls and a Yorkshire pudding baby too, don’t let comparison with others make you doubt your own unique beauty. To go all Miss Congeniality on it – Wear the outfit, be the outfit, you are the outfit!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box
Everything can be styled differently to create a completely new look. My dad’s 90s denim jacket is one of my favourite things I own and I often borrow a coat from my brother which I’m sure he thinks he will never see again! I don’t believe in shunning your summer wardrobe to the attic, just add a pair of tights and chunky cardigan to that cute dress. Trust me, f you’re not in a position to go and buy loads of new things, have a root around at home, you never know what could be calling out to be completely revamped.

Do it for you
One thing I will always say when it comes to myself and fashion – If I like it, I’m going to wear it, no matter what anyone else thinks! Just because everyone else could be wearing one thing, it doesn’t mean they’re right. Fashion should be fun and personal, make it your own and wear it with confidence. I have posted a picture below of last year’s favourite party season piece of mine – Penney’s finest (although all the sequins came off in the wash the next day…. washing this dress without care? Big mistake, HUGE!)

Enjoy the fashion festivities and hope you all survive the dreaded Penney’s Christmas shop!

Fe xx

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