Still Here, Still Single

I haven’t written a post like this in a while, mainly because my love life seemed to be pretty on track. However, as I am currently on my annual male detox (should be lasting until about next Tuesday) I thought that now would be a pretty good time to drop a blog post. I won’t go into too many deets about the sudden crumbling of my latest situation, but let’s just say it ended with few words on his part, and not enough wine-fuelled texts on mine. I had to wait for some time to pass before writing this one because I finally thought I was onto a good thing and knew any attempt to write would probably look like the gif below. Absolutely pathetic, plus I couldn’t afford to get tears in my laptop. Yes, it all seemed delightful. He would regularly contact me first and could relate to my humour, but of course it is 2018, so all good things have to come to a really crappy, sharp and unexplained end that you were not emotionally prepared for in the slightest. Ah, gotta love the thrill of dating.

So anyway, enough about that and back to all the positive girl power vibes I’ve been radiating since I shaved my legs. What have I been up to? I am currently pouring all of my energy into my writing. And look, I think dating ups and downs are a huge part of the job description for me. I need to feel everything in order to be inspired so that I can create content that you guys can fully relate to. People often joke with me by saying “Do you ever think your writing scares men off?” and to be completely honest, yes I do, but I have made peace with the fact that the right one will always appreciate this passion of mine. My best friend Natalie often tells me I need to wait for the one who will inspire my greatest love poems, and do you know what? I think that wise old owl has a point! There’s no point going all Sandy in Grease, ladies! I don’t care who he is, leave him stranded at the drive-in, none of us should have to change who we are to make a man value us.

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I have not completely abandoned my blog, there is plenty of inspiration stirring within me but sometimes I just need time out to process everything before I can turn it into art. Lots of exciting things happening with my poetry at the moment too, aaaand I’m trying to finish off Gossip Girl which I abandoned for months. God, my life is so difficult at times.

So if you don’t hear any dramatic love life updates from me anytime soon, just take it that I am still fully committed to my imaginary relationship with Chuck Bass! In the meantime, I post regularly on Instagram if you would like to follow me over there.

Chat soon! X x

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