For You And I

As 2018 has now arrived and everyone is thinking about New Year’s Resolutions, I was also thinking about my own. My plan for the new year is quite simple: To focus on myself. Not in a selfish way of course, but I mean mentally and emotionally I plan on devoting TLC to myself because, well, I deserve it. Today, January 6th, is Nollaig na mBan, a traditional rest day for women. I decided this was the perfect day to write my first blog post of 2018, focusing on myself and all of the wonder women in my life.

Upon reflection of a recent lunch date with a few of my best friends, something has struck me. Four women laughed together, four women who are completely different. Different appearances, different interests, different backgrounds, different stories and different things to offer the world, while all equally important. We all decided on different things on the menu and then proceeded to catch up on our different lives. Perhaps I’m bias here but I must say, what an amazing table that was to be sitting around.

Last year wasn’t my best year to date. It was high and it was low, but overall I don’t think I’ll miss too many aspects of it. However, despite the lows, I made it to the other side and am probably unknowingly stronger because of it. I also spent that year with some amazing women, and truth be known, without that support it would have definitely been harder to strut into this year ready to fight my own dragons. This year, women across Ireland and the world need to come together to celebrate and push. To celebrate 100 years of getting the right to vote and to push for our own choice when it comes to our bodies. 1918 was the year we came together to vote, and hopefully 2018 will be the year we come together to Repeal the 8th.

I guess the ‘My body, my choice’ statement has contributed to my New Year’s Resolution. You and I should hold the power of who we choose to let in and have control over us physically and emotionally. And while 2017 was a struggle emotionally, I can only learn and grow from this in 2018. As a woman in 2018 you should absolutely have the right to focus on yourself. Know yourself, grow yourself and empower yourself. Be brave enough to be both a ‘yes’ woman and a ‘no’ woman and if you find yourself getting a little lost along the way, your table of supporters aren’t far off.

I have an overwhelming gut feeling that 2018 is going to be a wonderful year. I have dreams, I have plans, I have fear and I have courage. The woman I admire most is myself. That is not vanity, that is self-belief.

If you can’t find change, create it. Oh, and don’t forget to take the occasional tea break along the way. Let’s face it though, we got this.

To 2018 and the women living the adventure with us xx

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