The Beauty Of Inspiration

A few days ago, on a normal Friday, I found myself talking about the simple importance of inspiration. “Inspiration is a big word, tell me more about that” said the man who was leading this discussion. He was right, it is a big word. In fact, it is so big that it takes up a huge portion of our lives. As I am writing this in my home, a rural cottage surrounded by silence bar the noise of the roaring fire and a snoring Shih Tzu, inspiration is everywhere. It is in photos – The smiling graduation photo of my sister, the photos of both my Grandfathers (one of whom I never met so imagining what he was like constantly feeds my imagination, and my other Grandad who’s mop of white hair I can still see over the top of the newspaper as he peers over at me with his oversized reading glasses while sipping his mug of tea) and simply, inspiration is in the Halloween pictures on the wall when I was nothing more than three foot tall, a witches hat, a Plasticine nose and limitless dreams.

Wrapped up in my dad’s cosy cream jumper it is hard to believe that he is usually the one who encourages me to buy the bright yellow boots in shop windows or tells me which 80s icon my outfit resembles today. Right now though, my outfit is completed by a pair of Disney pyjama bottoms, something I have adored ever since I was a little girl – it may just be make believe to most people but to me it was my mum’s way of showing me that if I dream enough I can transform from normal girl to Princess and years later it is giving me the belief that Prince Charming is out there. I was raised by one after all so they can’t all be just fairytale characters.

Inspiration is important to me, my mind and my soul. From the sentimental writing of Taylor Swift to my brother’s love of fitness and dedication to the gym (Ok so maybe I’m still working on that one!) I think everyone would like to know they’re inspiring people, and while you may not think you’re inspiring masses of people, maybe you have inspired just one. One person who now holds the key to inspire more people. Or maybe you have inspired many and they haven’t expressed it. When I started thinking about it, I realised that every person, place or thing you know holds the power to inspire. If it wasn’t for beautiful architecture, different food or the impact of nature, why would we have the desire to travel? If nobody ever did anything wonderful, daring or completely terrifying then how would we know we want to try it?

Inspiration is one of the most underrated things in the world because it isn’t even taken from everything positive. Sometimes you can take a negative situation and inspire yourself. A bad day may inspire you to dream bigger for tomorrow and a heartbreak makes you realise you never want to feel that way again because you deserve greater things than the soul destroying feeling that you’re not good enough. Maybe today the only person you need to inspire is the voice inside of you. And funnily enough, I have just realised that one person and one discussion inspired me to write out all of these feelings and share them with others.

Everything we know is inspiring someone in some way. Fashion, films, music, media, politics, landscapes, the size of my jeans, the style of my hair, my love interests and my moods are all symbols that the world is constantly changing and motivating one person to change their own life. Inspiration is huge and if you can’t recognise any of that outside of yourself then look inside of yourself because I can assure you that you will discover an entire library of minor characters and major, sometimes rocky, stepping stones that all came together to give you the heart and mindset you possess today.

At the end of the day, it is both our right and our responsibility to inspire, so go and do just that because even though it is everywhere, and at times scary, I think the world needs more of it.

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