Foxy Fashion – May 2017

Hey guys!

I have a bit of an announcement to make *drum roll or something dramatic anyway* I have decided to do a new fashion section on my blog! Yayyyy! We all know I absolutely love having my own style and I really enjoy sharing pictures of this style with you guys on my social media accounts. As my wardrobe is overflowing with completely random pieces, from Penneys to Charity shops, New Look to DV8, clothes I have “borrowed” from my sisters wardrobe and random pieces my nan gives me that I manage to squeeze into an outfit somewhere, I thought I would do a roundup each month on what I have been wearing, loving or just any general fashion related thoughts I have – This can change month to month depending on where I’ve been, if I have added to my shoe collection or if I just want to show off my new dressing gown (my current one is Thumper’s face on the hood with ears, so it can’t get much better than that!)

This monthly segment of my blog will be especially for all of you who are looking for a little fashion inspiration, things to add to your wishlist, or things to make the total of your next Penneys trip 150 euro even though you only ran in for socks! Oh, no need to thank me.

Now, dun dun duuuuun, here is my first ever Foxy Fashion post! For this month I am going to run through a few of my day and night outfits and comment on each of them! Hope you enjoy!

Day Looks

The outfit below was styled around this bodysuit from Penneys. I loved this outfit at the time but looking back now I think there was too much black. I can’t wait to wear this bodysuit with a pair of jeans. Loved my hair though, look at them buns! The hair, people, the hair…

In the picture below I am wearing an outfit I absolutely adore! The reason I bought this t-shirt dress in Penneys was because in my head I had a vision about this exact outfit, you know like how people get callings to do things? Welllll, that was my life during that shopping trip – images of this denim jacket and fishnets were floating around in my mind luring me towards the Penneys registers. Also, I’m probably laughing because I managed to do the cute little buns again, orrrr I’m trying to remain calm while my brother braves 74 attempts to take a decent picture!
Another day I then went on to tuck this t-shirt into a pair of jeans for a more casual vibe, teamed with a choker for an edge and a pink pair of runners for a relaxed “Oh, this old outfit I just threw on without planning for three days in advance?” feel!
The picture below is a very casual outfit I wore recently, mostly Penneys! The adorable star print cami is from Penneys and so are the jeans. The kimono is from Boohoo a few years back. The little pointy silver shoes I picked up in Penneys for a euro and this was my first day wearing them. Never buying shoes without trying them on again, I was tip toeing around for the day because I definitely needed a bigger size! I tried to loosen them up with a hairdryer and everything but I’m too afraid to put them back on now to see if it worked. If you ever see me hobbling around the place it’s because I have braved the shoes again because they add some spice to my outfit, it will also possibly be my last day on earth because OH THE PAIN.

Night Looks

The black sweetheart midi dress from Boohoo I am wearing below is one of my favourite dresses. So classic and (sometimes) sophisticated (minus possible nip slips!) I wore it back in December so this time I just styled it differently and did my hair in a different way – I opted for straight and sleek! I know I will get so much use out of this dress, I think it is absolutely timeless. However, if you’re planning on getting ready alone do not wear it, it’s so fitted, getting me in and out of it is an 8 man job, I think we need to start using bloody machinery… sucks everything in though! 
Okay, I honestly loved the outfit below that I wore for a night out, but every time I see it I do think I look like a pirate, I think it’s the sleeves? I was surprised how much I loved this outfit because it is fairly simple, but I guess you can’t go wrong with black and white. I was also so daring with my hair that night because I rarely wear it up when I’m going out. I think every woman should own at least one plain black bodycon skirt, it is a foundation to build an outfit on. My top is from Penneys, I fell in love with the sleeves! Anybody seen my ship, can’t remember where I left it?!
The final outfit I am going to talk about this month is this one that I wore to the Bubbles and Beauty Fundraiser in aid of Ardfinnan N.S. Autism Unit… I really enjoyed this night and it was for a great cause so a huge well done to everybody involved! For this event I wore a pair of black trousers that were a part of a Boohoo co-ord set – So comfy, love them and live in them! I teamed it with a black lace bralet (remember how earlier I mentioned borrowing from my sister? Well, er…) The white shirt, believe it or not, belongs to my nan… that woman sure knows how to slay! I’m just presuming she doesn’t want it back?! Oh and I am aware that these white court heels have been in a few of these pictures, they’re from Penneys again and I love them. White is so classic and for such a simple colour it can make such a statement!
So there you go, that was my first Foxy Fashion post! I would love to hear your feedback and any questions, please let me know! Which outfit was your favourite? Also if you’re struggling to understand how much I love shopping and fashion, here is a picture from a few years back when I dragged my brother into Penneys with me! Is this why no other men stick around? Maybe I have been sabotaging myself this entire time…
Until next month, even though I will have other posts between now and then… Foxy Fashion, over and out!

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