Let’s Talk About Blogging: My Journey With The Fox Files!

As I often have people messaging me asking for advice about how to start blogging, I decided to put a post together about a few of the things I have learned on my blogging journey so far. I tend to find that a common worry people have when wanting to start a blog is both a lack of confidence and no idea where to start. This is completely normal and you’re not alone, so I hope this post helps you if you had wanted to start a blog.

I first started blogging when I was still in school. I have always loved writing (I was that girl who loved getting English homework at the weekend) so I thought a blog would be the perfect place for me to share that passion. I set one up on Blogger, started writing, and now I honestly can’t remember what it was like before I had a blog, I love it so much! The Fox Files has opened up so many exciting doors and opportunities for me and I’ve never looked back. We all have to start somewhere and the only way is up from here 🙂 I hope you enjoy reading all my blogging tips and all about the things I have learned along the way!

Don’t let fear hold you back
If you let fear get the better of you, you’ll never do anything in life. If you’re really passionate about something then I don’t think being afraid will stop you. You never know what could happen until you try! Go for it!

Write about what you love
An important lesson I’ve learned since I’ve started blogging is to write when you’re feeling inspired, not just for the sake of it. If you aren’t really feeling what you’re writing, your readers will know this by how it turns out. Write about what YOU love and don’t just write about a topic because you feel it’s working for everyone else. If you take a break and come back to it when you know what you really want to say, the words will write themselves!

It’s ok to have role models but don’t constantly compare yourself to others
When I’m having down days I binge watch Sex and the City to get motivation from Carrie Bradshaw and then immerse myself in all the books I have that were written by bloggers. While I look up to all these fab people because of how amazing their stories are, I know none of these really matter on my own journey. At the end of the day, you’ve got to be your own inspiration and motivation! Girl boss goals!

Take criticism on the chin
When you’re willing to put yourself out there as a blogger, of course you will meet people who are judgmental, particularly in small towns where word spreads like wildfire. This often happens to me and as upsetting as it is at first to have people who don’t support you, it kind of motivates you to keep doing better. Will these negative people matter to you in 10 years? Absolutely not! Wear the hat, write about how you feel, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be true to yourself
Be who you are, don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. There are so many blogs around and the only way to make yours stand out is by letting your personality shine through. For example, I often have many girls telling me they love the way I’m so relatable because I post about affordable products and aren’t afraid to admit who I really am. For me, blogging isn’t all about fancy clothes and perfect contour, it’s often me sitting in my pjs with a cuppa and my spots smothered in sudocrem! It’s not always glam! Be who you are and your followers will respect you for it.

Don’t give up
I have to be honest, I hate coming across a great blog post and finding out their last post was 8 months previous! To keep interest there with your followers you need to be consistent. You wouldn’t keep visiting a clothes shop if their clothes never changed, would you? If you’re feeling motivated, write a few posts in one day and then you’re set for a while! Exciting things await if you are determined enough.

Wing it and just hope it goes better than your eyeliner!
Don’t forget that you will be learning forever no matter what the topic is! I still learn new things about blogging everyday and I just go with the flow and find out more as I go along… you can’t possibly know everything!

If you want to start a blog then just do it. Even if you just want to read it yourself, or you only want your mum to read it, or you simply plan on reading it to your dog. The choice is yours now, but trust me, later on down the line your readers and all the comments you receive from them that put a smile on your face for the rest of the day will make it all worthwhile.
Thank you all so much for reading my blog! I look forward to reading yours! 🙂 xxx

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