Twenty Struggles Of A Twenty-Year-Old

Turning 20 isn’t an easy time of your life. Your teenage years are officially over and that realisation quickly hits you. In a few months time I’m going to be a 21 hun and to be honest, I just can’t quite come to terms with that yet. Should I have an amazing career by now? A long-term boyfriend? Should I stop afternoon napping?! Dear god, it’s all happening too fast! If you’re in the same boat or about to jump on board, then here are twenty struggles of a twenty-year-old…

1. “I really couldn’t commit to spending three euro on that pair of socks that I needed, soooo I bought my fifth faux fur coat, a naggin and a pet micro pig instead. The naggins were on offer, okay?!”

2. Not going to Maccie D’s after a night out because you’re close to death by tequila and getting pushed into the taxi by your friends – “God I am getting SO good at saving money!”

3. I really would like a boyfriend for a nice companion, some cuddles and to shut my family up for a couple of years.

4. *Forgets point three, downloads Tinder again and drunk snaps every f***boy in my phone*

5. Teenage skin problems: “Surprise hun, I’m back!”

6. Me: “Mother please, I am an adult.” Also me: “Mum, can you sort me out a doctor’s appointment and double check that I filled this form out properly please?”

7. Seriously though, what age do boobs stop growing at? Asking for a friend…

8. Lets ask someone… any adults arou – ah ah ah AHHHHH. NABLE.

9. So I have to buy my own phone credit and clothes but still have to let my family know where I’m going everytime I plan on leaving the house for more than thirty seconds?

10. *Pretends not to hear phone ringing because you’re afraid of it and hope they just text instead if it’s important*

11. Is it too early in the year to start my list for Santy or just too late in life altogether?

12. Just me who still can’t plait my own hair?

13. Ah, what a lovely day, I wonder if I’ll make it through without somebody asking me what I’m doing with my life!

14. Apparently the higher numbers on the snogging scale aren’t a huge deal anymore but some of us still struggle to get to number one… Love me plz, I’m feeling under pressure.

15. “I would love three kids, a big house, a family dog and also, right now, some pepperoni pizza and a nap.”

16. Sex on the beach is always the drink because it’s impossible to get lifts to the coast when you haven’t even done your theory test yet and lets face it, you’re probably being ignored by the one guy you like…

17. *Still holds a grudge about a guy who messed me around when I was 15 while on the hunt for the future father of my children*

18. By night- “For goodness sake, I am 20-years-old, why am I still getting asked for ID?”
By day- “Yes a child’s ticket please, clearly I’m only 16.”

19. Telling your 12-year-old self that you wanted to be a millionaire when you leave school but then ending up constantly procrastinating and before you know it you’re almost 21, trying to improve the CV you typed up in school and living off of a diet of jacket potatoes and cheese…

20. I am a strong, independent 20-year-old woman… Still gonna check with my mum if it’s okay that I’m going to his house when his parents aren’t home though…

So that’s it guys, twenty struggles of a twenty-year-old, although this list could have been a lot longer! Can anyone else relate to some of these? Bring on January – another year, another struggle…

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