Review: I’m In W7 Heaven!

Hey gals!

W7 kindly sent me some products recently to review so I was delighted when they arrived and couldn’t wait to try them and let you know how I got on 🙂

The first thing that struck me about the four products was the packaging. Straight away the products looked fun and inviting, which I loved. The Honolulu Bronzer was in a beautiful little pink box which I thought was a fun and quirky twist. The mascara was also very appealing in a bright yellow packaging. I loved the way the Night Glow Highlighter looked like nail varnish and the dropper on the foundation bottle was something I had never used before so I couldn’t wait to try it out.

I have tested out all of these products so will run through them now…

Genius Feather Light Foundation
I love the foundation bottle and the foundation itself. It really is feather light like it says so I found it had a buildable coverage which is lovely for everyday, especially as I don’t like a really thick layer of foundation during the day. The colour was a bit too dark for my natural skin tone but it’s perfect for when I have tan on which is quite a lot and since I can build up the coverage I could also wear it on a night out. I am very pale but when I applied the Honolulu bronzer to my neck I realised I could get away with wearing it without tan too. As it is so light I would recommend carrying it in your handbag for touch ups throughout the day 🙂

Night Glow Highlight and Illuminate
This product is so fab, I fell in love with it! It is easy to apply and has just the perfect amount of highlight without going OTT. It has a beautiful creamy texture and blends in so evenly. To be honest, sometimes I fear putting on highlighter but this was so simple and will definitely gain a regular spot in my handbag!

Honolulu Bronzer
The only thing I can say about this bronzer is wow! Maybe it’s just me but I find bronzers can be quite annoying because half the time they never really show up that much unless I keep applying it for ages so my face always looks ghostly white compared to my body. I need quite a strong bronzer to match my face to my body when I have tan on. However, the first thing I noticed about this bronzer was how pigmented it is so it will definitely be my go to bronzer in future which is also great because of the small, handy packaging. I only needed one layer and the job was done, quick and easy! It also came with a handy little brush in the box and the cute box was giving super fun Hawaiin vibes so I’m now dreaming of summer!

Lashtastic False Liquid Lashes Mascara
This mascara in ‘blackest black’ is meant to give the idea of ‘false liquid lashes’ and I have to say it did give my lashes a lot of length. I hate mascaras that clump together and go overboard so I loved this one because it doesn’t do that. It is so nice and doesn’t feel heavy or look spidery. I have been using it everyday since receiving it 🙂

Wearing all of the products above 🙂
I have been using these products a lot and so far I am loving them! I would definitely recommend them and we all know how affordable W7 are 🙂 My make-up bag really relies on this brand 🙂

I was sent these products to review on my blog and did not purchase them myself so thanks to the lovely people at W7 for sending them to me and I hope you all enjoyed the review xx 

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