My Latest Hair Hero!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about a new product I’ve just discovered and am loving. So I was in Penneys recently and while I was at the till something caught my eye – HASK Keratin Protein. I read the words ‘Smoothing Shine Oil’ and just had to buy it. Yes, this was an impulse buy, but it was totally worth it, always go with your gut feeling! Haha

I have very dry, frizzy, coarse hair anyway which is such a pain because my hair never looks smooth or silky. The fact that my hair has been dyed also doesn’t help this. Anyway, I wanted something to give my hair a bit of life again and I’m so glad I bought the Keratin Protein. After only one use I noticed a difference. It gave my hair some moisture back and didn’t look as dead and damaged anymore. I have tried it both when my hair is wet and dry, but I personally prefer putting it on wet hair.You just use a small amount and apply it to the hair, avoiding the roots.

I cannot fully remember the price but I know it was very affordable! I will definitely continue to use it as I do believe it has strengthened my hair, so if you also have dry hair I would highly recommend it. My hair is now much more silky and looks much nicer when I leave it fall naturally. It didn’t wash out the teal colour either so is safe to use on coloured hair, thank god! It also smells delicious!

Have you tried any HASK products before? I cannot wait to try more 🙂

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