8 Things All Girls Are Guilty Of Doing

It’s not craziness, it’s a woman’s way of life…

1. Trying to get social media revenge when he probably didn’t even notice or care 
Yesss he just opened my cute Snapchat story of me laughing with my cat, that DEFINITELY ruined his day and made him rethink everything that happened between us.

2. Throwing all the nice guys into the friendzone
Hmmm, is he rubbish or recyclable?

3. Asking a boy what celebrity he finds hot and questioning everything about yourself
Why would you say that? If you think she’s amazing then are you saying I’m not amazing because I look nothing like her? What’s so amazing about her and not me? Seriously though, why would you say that? I know I asked, but like why? Oh god, I hate you sometimes…

4. Taking every question as an insult
Yes I am going to eat that last slice of pizza, why? Whats wrong with my pepperoni pudge? I thought you find it cute?

5. Saying ‘you just don’t get it’ when you know someone is right
‘Maybe he just doesn’t like you as much as you like him and you should move on!’ ‘Ugh, never mind, you just don’t get it…’

6. Occasionally disliking someone you’ve never even met because of a boy
Look I’m sure she’s a lovely girl, but when she steals my man, my girls will creep to find all the weakness she’s had in life since 2011… it’s tradition…

7. Intentionally looking for things you know will only upset you

8. Panicking about your new guy’s texting style
Does he think all my emoji’s are uncool? Should I do dramatic full stops like he does? Does he leave all his friends x’s? Is he actually laughing whenever he says ‘Haha’? Can anybody even understand what this message says? Am I too caught up in all of this?

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