Rant Of The Week: People

The main thing that has annoyed me this week was people. I’m not even going to get started on Jamelias comments on Loose Women, I will never sing Superstar on SingStar again..

The other person that annoyed me this week was some random old lady I met as I was getting on the bus. We were both queuing and as I got on first she turned to her husband and said “I’m trying to get on but this girl thinks it’s perfectly okay for HER to skip the queue.” Skip the queue? The mass of 3 people all beside each other you mean? You’d swear she was Kate Middleton in labour and I was fighting her for the Lindo wing. Anyway, I turned around and faced her and told her I was already in the queue before her…of course all she did was stare at the ground while her husband was all “oh we know you were, we know.” Lad you might want to do something about that wife of yours, she’s a feisty one. Not surprisingly, they got a seat (the bus was empty) and I could hear her bitching about me at the back while I was casually eating my raspberries and still having heart failure about standing up to her. The city life would toughen you up alright! Who am I? 

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