Rant Of The Week: Time To Move On From Hair Dye In Schools Being Frowned Upon?

When I was in school, many things annoyed me, but nothing annoyed me more than not being allowed to have the freedom to dye my hair. What does one do if they’re the Kylie Jenner of the family but are told that’s not okay and have to be Kendall? As over dramatic as it may sound to other people, that was not okay for me. I didn’t want to be Kendall.

I remember being told I needed to dye my hair back a “normal” colour for the fear of what people would think of me if I walked into town in my school uniform. I was also told I would not be able to work in a bank if I had dyed hair. Lads, I’m too afraid to even ask for anything in a bank never mind work in one. That just isn’t me.

While students were encouraged to practice sport and music, other interests were not seen as important enough to some people. I was never sporty, and I don’t have a single note in my head. My mum went to my Pe parent-teaching meeting, said my name and he just laughed. THAT IS NO WORD OF A LIE. I was awful, I had fake sick notes coming out of my ears. I used to dread that class.

Despite all this, I always had a love for fashion and my own personal style. I could spend days on end just choosing outfits and deciding how to accessorise them. I would let classes pass by dreaming about what I’m going to wear the weekend.

In today’s world, why is this not recognised? With the influence of fashion and celebrities in peoples lives today, why can’t we express it? Why is this not seen as important as sport or music? If it’s your passion and you want to spend your life doing it, you shouldn’t be stopped during an important growing stage of your life.

You won’t look silly in town, the only silly thing is that stereotyping.

You can wear your school uniform while sporting every colour under the sun and still make people proud of you. Life would be so boring if we were all the same.

The reason I am saying this is because I am dying my hair the weekend and I cannot waaait. Granny hair perhaps?

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