Rant Of The Week: No Room For A Flirtationship In A Relationship

As a girl in a relationship, I have absolutely no time for other girls trying to build a flirtationship with my boyfriend. Equally, when I was single, I had no time for girls attempting to get off with my dream bae. In those situations you have no power and all you can do is bitch to your friends and cry in the bathrooms with your vodka and blackcurrant.

Is there a difference between being jealous and protecting whats already yours? Yes, of course there is! How can I be jealous of someone attempting to get whats mine when I already have it? There is a huge difference between being flirty and being friendly and sometimes boys don’t notice other girls levels of flirtiness but we’re straight on the case like the FBI! We won’t always say it. I’m a lady, the last thing I’m going to do is go up and start on some girl. Please, she is not worth me sweating over, I like this top. So, as girls, we do as we do best, bottle it all up and unleash the rage at a completely inappropriate, unrelated time to the current situation.

There is nothing more annoying than seeing a girl all over a guy who you know is already seeing someone/ has a girlfriend. Girl, have some self respect. Grinding up against him isn’t going to get you anywhere apart from in the girlfriends bad books. You’re not being friendly, I have plenty of male friends and at no point have I felt it appropriate to practically force myself on them and seductively dance around them as a way of showing them the strength of our friendship. You’re not Beyonce or Nicki Minaj, his anaconda don’t want none so jog on with your buns hun.


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