My Favourite Foundation For Everyday Use: Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation.

My favourite foundation for during the day is ‘Ideal Flawless, Invisible Coverage Foundation’ by Avon. Since I am so pale (look like a ghost 95% of the time), I used to find it difficult to find a foundation to match my skin tone. Luckily, I found this foundation which is perfect for my own skin tone because it is available in a light pink shade. This is so close to my own skin tone but gives me an even complexion and covers blemishes. Definitely my favourite foundation for everyday use because it looks so natural. Unfortunately, Avon are no longer in Ireland so you’ll need to purchase it online.  However, it is definitely worth it and is very affordable, unlike many other foundations on the market these days. I would recommend this if you like a natural, non caked daytime makeup look!

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