The Start Of My Winter Wardrobe

Winter is most definitely here and by the looks of it, it seems like its here to stay for a while! I’m a huge lover of faux fur and decided to make this a part of my winter wardrobe this year. Here are two coats that I have at the ready to be all cosy but still stylish 🙂

The first coat I bought was from Penneys in Dublin. I fell in love with it straight away and just had to have it! I love wearing it with warmer winter tones and leopard print. The colour is simple so there are so many things to wear it with. This will stay in my wardrobe forever. 30 euro well spent! 

The second coat I bought was a light pink faux fur collar biker jacket from River Island. I think this can create a really edgy look but still look classy and sophisticated because of the faux fur and soft colour. If you’re not like me and aren’t a huge lover of pink then don’t worry because there are other colours available and the fur collar can be taken off. Why on earth would anyone do that though? Perfect for a night out or just a casual daytime look! 

I have to admit I have never developed romantic feelings for jackets until now! So worth it though… 

Why I Won’t Be Keeping Up With This Kardashian

At this stage, I know everybody is sick to death of hearing about Kim Kardashians bits and pieces, but what sort of blogger would I be if I didn’t have my say on the matter? To be honest, seeing the pictures didn’t really surprise me, nor was I impressed by the ridiculous use of photoshop and complete and utter waste of baby oil. All I could think was, is this really the world we’re living in? Attempting to break the internet by showing off how great it must be to have a personal trainer and someone to photoshop your bum cellulite? Well done Kim, you have a bum and a pair of breasts just like the rest of the worlds female population! Thanks for showing us, our lives have changed dramatically as a result of this. I’m not against women in the public eye getting naked if they wish, but what was the purpose of this? At least do it Keira Knightley style and strip off for the purpose of showing women the true and frightening power of photoshop.

So while all of this is going on can we take a moment to remember the people who truly deserve to break the internet? People who leave their families and risk their lives to fight for the good of their country? People struggling everyday to feed their families because they’re unemployed? People who rescue animals that are living in the most horrendous of conditions? People who visit a local elderly person so that they don’t go through each day in complete loneliness? Seems simple doesn’t it? So what was so fantastic about Kim Kardashians recent publicity hungry stunt that makes it deserve more attention than all of these things? It only takes a few seconds to take off all your clothes, hardly a life changing series of events.

 Lets take a moment to think about Bob Geldof for example. A man who is no doubt facing a devastating Christmas due to the tragic death of his daughter earlier this year. Yet, somehow he managed to selflessly raise up to £1 million in five minutes to help Ebola victims in West Africa by gathering a group of the worlds most talented and well loved music artists and releasing Band Aid 30- “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Its people like this that should be breaking the internet.

Open your eyes people, there are bigger things in the world than Kim Kardashians behind…

It’s Not You, It’s Your Hair Straighteners

I have decided to dedicate a whole blog post to hair straighteners because I have recently got new ones after having problems with my old one. I am going to highlight the problems that I had with my own one, describe how I tried to fix them and then tell you about the new ones that I bought.

My Previous Hair Straighteners: Genie.
I had my hair straighteners for years. They were Genie ones which I was told were basically as good as Ghd’s, but more affordable. They were cute and pink and did exactly what I needed them to. They were genuinely a great pair of hair straighteners but the last few months they stopped working as well as they had before. My hair was still going straight enough but not perfectly straight because it looked and felt very frizzy. I pretty much gave up on straightening my hair because the hassle became too much and they didn’t do what I needed them to, especially if I needed to get the job done quickly!

Cleaning Your Hair Straighteners
However, I was chatting to my mum about it and she told me that it was possible that the plates of my straighteners were just clogged up with hair products e.g hairspray because I use it so much! Then I gave them a good clean and they started to work better again.
So, if your hair straighteners stop working properly don’t go into a panic and throw them out straight away, they might just need a good clean and then they will be back to new!

If Cleaning Them Doesn’t Work
After some time I realised that cleaning them didn’t fix the problem fully, I tried cleaning them again but they still weren’t making my hair as straight as I wanted. I realised that the plates were so old they probably were just worn down so I needed to invest in a new pair of straighteners altogether!

My New Straighteners: Corioliss
I was planning on getting a new pair for Christmas or my birthday but my mum ended up giving them to me earlier because I needed my hair straight for a job interview. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting a dramatic change to the result that my other straighteners had always given but as soon as I started using them I realised how broken my other ones were! My hair went dead straight and completely frizz free! These new straighteners are Corioliss ones. They are not only amazing straighteners but also look cool because of the pretty designs. Mine are black with red leopard print on them. They also come with their own case! I was later talking to a friend who said that her mum had them and she found them better than Ghd’s!

I would recommend Corioliss to anybody looking for a new pair of hair straighteners! Definitely a must on your list for Santa!

Some Of My Guilty Pleasures

I decided that writing a blog post about some of my guilty pleasures would be an interesting one because, er, well I have so many of them…so here goes! 

1) Occasionally Suffering From A Mild Case Of Bieber Fever #AwkyMomo
Even though Justin Bieber is the most annoying individual in the music industry at the moment, I must admit my heart does melt whenever I listen to ‘That Should Be Me’ or the acoustic version of ‘One Time’. I regret nothing…
2) Singing My Heart Out In The Car
Listening to ‘Whole Again’ by Atomic Kitten on repeat in the car with my mum and singing it out to the world is one of my favourite pastimes. I also do this with my sister when we listen to Frozen’s ‘Let It Go’ or ‘Only Love Can Hurt Like This’ by Paloma Faith…
3) I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here
Even though so many people dislike it, it is literally the highlight of my year, I look forward to it every November. It’s starting again soon and I could not be any more excited if I tried! “Please ring me, its urgent” “Can’t soz, the Bushtucker trial will be on any minute now!”. 
Lets face it, where would we all be without medic Bob…
                                                                            Oh Bob…
4) Cuddling At Any Chance I Get…
I am such a cuddler, I can’t help it. Well not cuddling anyone, I just mean more in a romantic sense (including my favourite teddy when I go to bed and my cats always). I think wrapping myself around my boyfriend when he tries to get away from me is a completely acceptable thing to do. I just want to be loved as you can see in the picture below where I look happy being all cuddled up and my bae’s not so much…
                                          One of the creatures above is my cat, the other is my boyfriend…
5) Zac Efron’s Parents
 I don’t know what it is about him but ever since High School Musical came out in like 2006 I have never gotten over the obsession with this boy. Taking the “Which HSM boy is your perfect match?” quiz and getting Chad instead of Troy as an answer only made my hatred for Vanessa Hudgen’s stronger, but I still have undying love for his parents who simply created a masterpiece.
Ori yeah no big deal xx