Taking Up The Space Between | Poetry Book

In her debut collection of poetry, Fenella Fox beautifully tackles the uncertain and exquisite space between the girl she was and the woman she is becoming. In this book, she embraces the strength of her femininity and meets herself, her heart and her mind with both honesty and anxiety.

For all the women who often wonder where they are going, Taking Up The Space Between is a contemporary poetry collection to carry with you through the chaos. This book should become tattered and well-loved as it stumbles with you through periods of uncertainty and speaks to you as if the words are your own.

Paperback Book.


Publisher: Fenella Fox (9 Nov. 2023) // Language: English // Paperback: 198 pages // ISBN-10: 1399971212 // ISBN-13: 978-1399971218 // Dimensions: 12.85 x 1.14 x 19.84 cm

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