“At what point down the generation line did the dreaded ego and booming audacity grip the average, modern man?”

I Think He's Gone Weird

We’re all on an endless hunt for something more, whether it’s a new wardrobe, a spiritual belief, a clear career path, more money, whatever it may be. There’s always something, no matter how big or small it may be. We don’t always know what other people want, and it has become increasingly obvious that we definitely do not know what many modern men want. We could spend forever pondering this – Sex? A Snapchat streak? Instagram models? Somebody to chat to? Nobody knows, and the thing is, no matter how much we give, I don’t think we will ever know until they crack open the ego and tell us.

We spend our days sending messages, chats and updates across the globe, communicating constantly, but never receive the answers we truly need. What is this something more that they are looking for? Why are so many twenty and thirty-something women questioning their worth because men act like that are always striving for something else? Perhaps something that none of us is even certain exists? And the most baffling point of all – Why do so many men think they own the right to treat women this way? At what point down the generation line did the dreaded ego and booming audacity grip the average, modern man?

You can be the most amazing, powerful version of you possible, and still feel like something is lacking because of confusion and doubt. So, what do men want? Perhaps we want to know, or perhaps the moment we start asking that is the moment our heart is telling us that it doesn’t matter what he wants anyway, because we already deserve that something more. And yes, I’m certain that does exist – Deep within you, not somebody else. You can’t drag an uncertain man up to your level, but you can find certainty within yourself and let it strengthen you. So, what do YOU want? Stop analysing that question for the ego of another, and go get it girl!

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