“Time is a funny thing…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Time is a funny thing, it can create all this distance and not knowing between people, yet you can find something, see something or hear something that just suddenly brings you straight back to a certain moment. When you dwell in that place, it brings a sense of ease, it’s untouched, as if the ocean of time between then and now no longer exists.

You can spend so long adoring someone you assume you’ll know forever, and then you realise that months, or even years have passed you both by and you’re suddenly strangers with all this overwhelming history that you no longer talk about.

Life is supposed to evolve that way I suppose, we create memories to paint people into places and pieces that will stay with us as time moves forward. You can bump into these people at the most random of times, and words never hold enough substance to fill the time that has passed between you, yet somehow these people are the most familiar thing on the street you stroll down every day. A quick and awkward “Hello” disguises words that you still had yet to say, it tones down emotions you’ve stored inside you, and it masks the fact that you spent an hour the previous evening rooting through the memories you both shared. It’s a mutual knowing, and perhaps it can be an unspoken “I miss you.”

Time will lead you to the most fascinating people you’ll ever know, direct you elsewhere if you’re needed there too, detour you through both good and bad times, but time can also be frozen, because sometimes “Hello” just isn’t long enough to mirror everything you were.

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