“I was romantically restless and inspired to the brim – It was time for a revolution…”

I Think He's Gone Weird

A few months ago, I was strolling through a field near my house, wellies on my feet, dogs on their leads. It was at this point, one lovely lockdown morning, that I alerted my mum to my next venture: “I’m going to start sharing dating stories on Instagram!” I knew I wasn’t alone. I knew I wasn’t the only young woman struggling to find herself among the yellow hearts and dating’s fresh starts.

How many lunch dates had I spent in the past with my friends, trying to analyse all of their dating disasters?  The truth was, a lot. Many men and different dishes had joined and left the table, but we were still here trying to make sense of it all. This wasn’t a strange occurrence, dinner tables across Ireland all hold their own secrets and questions. Men’s ears are burning all across the country 24/7.

Heartache and stress around dating has a way of making you feel isolated, lonely, and at times, rather lost. The funny thing is, the single life is actually probably the most close-knit community out there, we just don’t speak about it enough. I wanted to raise these voices by using mine. I was romantically restless and inspired to the brim – It was time for a revolution.

Whether you’re a struggling single, stuck in a half-hearted relationship, or pining after a fuckboy, you’re not the only gal sitting in bed right now stuffing your face with a Dairy Milk Caramello and fighting the urge to text him. TRUST ME. We all have phone notes we never sent him and moments that we still can’t make sense of. We all have a past, we’re all building a future, but to make magic out of both of these times, we need to accept the present for what it is. It’s temporary, so embrace everything it has to offer, even if that is you dancing around your bedroom in your comfiest knickers and most worn bra.

We are all watching Netflix alone, we have all missed him, we have all been confused, we have all felt lonely, we ALL love a good aul Caramello dipped in a well-brewed cuppa. Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything lonely about this, because it sounds like we’re all in it together to me. Revolution mode = On!

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