“‘Sure she’s mad about him!’ but ‘Sure he was drinking?’ is the way to solve it when it comes to the emotions of the lad. Hmmmm, struggling to find the logic here, folks.”

I Think He's Gone Weird

Why oh why must alcohol heighten every emotion we have ever had??? And by alcohol, I mean pink gin. At what point does a cute pastel-toned shot, a little drop of lemonade, some fresh raspberries and a stirrer turn into: “WELL IF YOU HAD REPLIED TO MY GROUP SNAP ON OCTOBER 16TH 2017, MAYBE WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS!” And trust me, it bloody does. Quickly. It’s not just us gals though, I’ve had these heart-to-hearts mutually with lads too.

I’ve made plenty of questionable decisions with and without pink gin, and many times it has me thinking – Why, again, are women made out to be the ones who are psychos? We’ve all poured our hearts out on nights out, no doubt you can remember the exact couch, maybe even the song that was playing at the time. I know I’ve done it, but it hasn’t just been me. There have been a number of times where I have received back the emotions I am giving.

So when a woman spills a drunken heart, and so does the man, why is the man’s behaviour dismissed as wishy-washy drunken behaviour, but the woman is certain to have a wedding planned because she was honest? The most frustrating thing about these drunken heart-to-hearts can often be the aftermath. The narrative seems to go something like: “Sure she’s mad about him!” but “Sure he was drinking?” is the way to solve it when it comes to the emotions of the lad. Hmmmm, struggling to find the logic here, folks.

How can I spend an hour of an icy night on a bench with a man who tells me he shares my feelings and then be told the next day by people who are not him that he didn’t mean a word due to his Heineken consumption? Hello people, can somebody please grab me some CCTV footage or take notes from the group standing beside the bench because this is not the information I had absorbed 12 hours ago!

So hold up huns, before you start dodging my flying bouquet, I would just like to remind you that his heart was on his sleeve too, so much so that we should have both been wearing organza shirts. Very on trend, for myself and my lovely, erm, friend?

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