Give It A Rest: Listening To Your Body When You Feel Burnt Out


Hi guys!

I wanted to write this post incase anyone can relate to it as I’m sure many of us are in the same boat. I don’t know about you, but I feel completely burnt out at the moment. My mental health isn’t at its best at all. I’m feeling quite anxious and down, and my tension headaches are back. I know in myself that my body is crying out for rest because I can’t concentrate properly and I’m feeling really emotional. It sort of feels like I’ve hit a wall, if that makes any sense. I can almost hear my body saying “Please slow down!” I always think this anxious part of me is my inner child, and sometimes she just needs some care and attention before I can start go-getting again.

If you’re feeling the same, hopefully you might get something from this post. I’m hoping that expressing my feelings might help me feel better too. Here are a few of the ways I find rest when I feel I need it…

Go back to basics

The other day I was feeling really overwhelmed so I decided to go for a walk and unwind. I met a man I know on the way and we stopped and had a chat and a laugh for a while. He brought me back down to earth again without even knowing it because we discussed ordinary, everyday things which suddenly made the world slow down again. So grateful for that moment, it was meant to be.

Cry it out

I can’t count the amount of times I’ve blubbered over the past few days! Let it out, you will feel SO much better afterwards. Crying isn’t a weakness, it’s a necessity.

No more nattering

Of course it is amazing to be open and talk about your feelings, but sometimes I feel like you can absorb so much energy from other people that it impacts your own energy. It’s so easy to get caught up in negative talk, so be wary of the words and conversations that are coming out of your mouth. Is the conversation helping your stress, or just adding another layer? Remember to protect your own energy.


Every night before I fall asleep now I turn on my moon lamp and take a few minutes to just focus on my breathing. I think it helps to shut off my body and mind before I drift off. Again, this helps to bring time back to basics because you’re just absorbed in that moment.

Banish guilt

I am so bad for not doing something I want to do because I feel like it’s not productive or that I should be doing something else. Throw this on top of a very anxious day, feeling burnt out, and I am completely all over the place! So here’s your reminder that it’s okay to love things that are simply going to bring you happiness rather than anything else. Immerse yourself in this feeling.

Eat the chocolate

This is another guilt thing, but I know many of us are eating more than usual during this time and I’m sure loads of us are thinking “Why did I eat that?” Stop beating yourself up over munching on that Galaxy while you watched your favourite tv show. It is okay to love the sweet stuff, and very often a cuppa and your favourite chocolate bar can be just the thing your soul is crying out for.

If you can’t do it, don’t

I know myself that putting yourself under pressure when you’re totally overwhelmed and burnt out doesn’t help things at all. Sometimes you just aren’t in the headspace for it. I had a few things to do today but they’ve been put off until tomorrow because I genuinely couldn’t face the thought of doing them. You can’t do everything right now.

Stop comparing yourself

Sometimes if we pause we may think “Oh no, but so and so got here by doing this…” Yes, they did, but that isn’t the journey that you’re on. The sun will rise again tomorrow and it will be a fresh day to smash your goals. Don’t let society and social media put you under pressure. Walk away from Instagram to silence the noise.

I remember reading a quote before that said “Rest is also productive” How true is that? Be sure to listen to your body if you’re starting to feel burnt out. It’s okay not to be doing everything today because sometimes doing nothing is doing everything.

Hope you’re all minding yourself and your energy! Tomorrow is a new day. Sending you all lots of love.

Fe xx

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