Love Island: Five Connections That Are Stronger Than The One Between Arabella And Danny

I know Love Island fans everywhere are fuming right now as we try to accept Yewande’s exit from the villa. It hurt, it hurt a lot. She deserved better. We had to listen to both Danny and Arabella go on constantly about this apparent connection between them even though the only thing they seemed to discuss was Yewande, and Danny was on the fence for days about who he was rooting for. Reaaaaally strong connection you’ve got there, guys. Anyway, I’m not in the villa, but from the parts I’ve seen I thought I would give my view.

Before I begin, I would just like to confirm that I am 100% team Yewande because…

  • I think she had a vibe about how genuine Danny’s feelings were. She couldn’t open up and now we know why. That gal was spot on with her doubts. Danny is a f*ckboy. That’s it, I’ve said it.
  • Arabella gives off a bad vibe and I cannot take to her. Very manipulative, no thank you hun. Amber, do your thing.
  • Danny’s speech was insulting. Yewande is very intelligent, she deserves someone more whole hearted to connect with on an intellectual level. And as for Arabella bringing something to the villa that no one else does? Yeah lad, all the sneaky vibes.
  • Her goodbye was absolutely iconic: “I hope you enjoy your time in the villa. What comes around goes around. Have a nice life.” And that is how it’s done. BRB, just need to ring some guys from my past.

So, in my opinion, here are five stronger connections than the one between Arabella and Danny…

Rural Wifi
Just to clarify, I live in the middle of nowhere and 60% of the time my wifi doesn’t even connect. Quicker to write letters to my mates tbh. 

My relationship with my local chipper
When they see me I think they already know I’m going to order a battered sausage and garlic dip. All it takes is a look. Beautiful.

The spark between myself and Tommy

Quick reminder here folks, this guy has no idea I even exist. Sickening I know, you’re telling me. I’m sure we connect on some sort of spiritual level.

The love I have for my Huda foundation

I cried when I first started talking about buying that foundation because I love it so much. The coverage is to die for, huns. Now I’m not being dramatic here, but do I see any tears from Arabella? Hmmm…

My dressing gown obsession

Oh boy, have we’ve been through the wars together. If you’re honestly trying to tell me that Arabella would be willing to sacrifice her dressing gown for Danny, we need to have words.

Yewande hun, it’s been a pleasure. May you find a Michael amongst the Dannys. Keep doing you, boo. You’ve got this.

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