I Joined Slimming World!

Ah, a fresh year and another year of procrastination. However, this year I was determined not to let my weight be another thing that gets put off. My weight has risen in the past two years, I have gone from a comfy size 10 to a size 14. There are numerous reasons for this, the main one being I bloody love junk food! When it comes to takeaways and midnight snacks, I’m your girl. Also, I tend to eat when I’m feeling down and I think I was lacking in the nutrients that were needed to help my mood. Overall, I needed a complete diet overhaul, not just for weight loss but also my mental health. As cliche as it may sound, I really do want to become fitter and happier this year.

Some of my family members have tried Slimming World before, but I had the ‘Oh no, I don’t need that’ mindset. It was only over Christmas that I decided I would go for it in the new year. So, the day came and I went to David’s Slimming World in Cahir. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I left feeling completely motivated and happy with myself. You really can eat so much on Slimming World, it’s definitely more of a healthy lifestyle change rather than a diet.

I wouldn’t usually be very into cooking, but I’ve been trying out different things. My favourites so far have been the Carbonara, and pancakes I made with oats. Nothing has gone too horrendously wrong so far cooking wise, bar flinging a prawn across the room by accident! The main thing is my whole family ate the carbonara I made and we’re all still here to tell the tale. Also, you can buy their own bars which are absolutely delicious if you’re feeling like a sugar fix. My favourites are the Salted Caramel, Rocky Road and definitely Chocolate Orange when you feel like killing someone for something chocolatey, I think we’ve all been there! The only sad thing is I have them inhaled within 0.2 seconds! Haha I’m also looking forward to making some of their fakeaways and I bought a few Slimming World meals from Iceland to keep in the freezer.

I had my first weigh in a few days ago, and in the first week I lost 2.5 lbs! I was delighted because I knew my belly had de-bloated and my double chins had singled themselves out! Haha The major thing I noticed was how much better I felt in myself. I no longer felt all sluggish and horrible. My parents bought me a Fitbit for my birthday but it was delayed as it was out of stock. It arrived yesterday so I can’t wait to get going with that and track my fitness. When it comes to fitness, I could spend hours on the trampoline. Everyone finds that so funny but I put my earphones in and just bounce all my stress away. It’s really therapeutic for me, I really love it. Just don’t risk going out in all weather when you’re angry because that’s how I ended up on crutches… what a dope, I know! I’m also going back to yoga next week which I’m really looking forward to.

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I’m thinking of keeping you all updated as I go along, might be something you will enjoy reading or if you’re thinking of trying Slimming World out for yourself. So far, so good anyway. I have my size 10 pair of jeans sitting in my drawer waiting for my bum to squeeze back into them. I have to admit though, I’d bloody kill for a good old doner kebab!

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