22 Lessons From Being 22

I turned 23 yesterday, so I wanted to reflect on some ups, downs and adventures of 22. Here’s to another year of fun, new lessons and too many carbs!

The Greatest Showman is the best cure for anything
Future boyfriend requirements: Extreme zest for life and connections with Zac Efron!

… after a good old meltdown!
The sun will always rise again. Just cry it out, gal.

I own my voice
And have every right to use it. Will everybody like that? Nope. Should that stop me? Definitely not.

Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction
Trust me, sometimes it’s the best long-term solution instead of completely losing the head (often guilty!)

The fire within me is there for a reason
That calling found you, explore it! Only you can put it out.

…but I need to remember to take a breather from it regularly!
Don’t become a prisoner to your passion, unplug and start again when it feels right.

Sometimes you have to let people go
Wish them well and walk away if this means protecting your energy.

The world keeps going when I log out of Insta… who knew?
But where are all the discount codes? And why aren’t the majority of people in the Maldives?

Don’t stress, the Universe knows when we want closure
That thing that gobbles your heart up will be eased when you’re least expecting it. Trust in timing.

I want much more than this provincial life
If life is calling you, go out and grab it. A big 2019 resolution for me.

Some things simply just aren’t meant to be 
And if they are, one day they will find you again.

… and it’s okay if it took me more than a few Bridget Jones moments to realise that!
I’m looking at you, local Daniel Cleavers.

Poetry was there for me when people weren’t 
I fell head over heels for Instagram poetry in 2018, it opened so many doors for me and helped me to heal from things.

The right man will support me, not hold me back
No time for waiting around for maybe’s mate, I’m a 23-year-old writer with shit to do. To quote the iconic Ms Jones: “I’m not willing to gamble my whole life on someone who’s not quite sure. It’s like you said: I’m still looking for something more extraordinary than that.”

… but every girl has to kiss a few frogs!
Curse all you beautiful bearded frogs!!!

Yes, I now know that one of those is probably reading this blog post
Biggest 2018 shock: Love interests past and present do in fact read my blog.

We must move with life
2018 was a year of changes – My wonderfully wacky nan moved in with us, we got our beautiful puppy Pooch, and we sadly had to say goodbye to our old shih tzu Mitz. Lots of memories with her but it was her time to move on. All we can do is roll with the changes of life and keep finding the silver lining.

I’ll laugh about this complete disaster in a few months
There was one particular moment in 2018 that sent my world into havoc for a few days, luckily now I can laugh about it with my friends who were already laughing. Everything just needs time.

Accepting my anxious mind
I’ve always been really anxious, ever since I can remember, but in 2018 it really got me down and I developed a few anxious habits that started interfering with my life. I talked to a doctor about it and felt a weight lifted. I will go into detail with this in more blog posts, so if you’re feeling anxious, you’re not alone.

Decaf tea isn’t so bad
I’ve switched to decaf tea because I’ve been told it might help with my mood, and it’s definitely helped my sleep pattern. I also love turning my room into my little safe place with fairy lights and my salt lamp. When it comes to clearing my head, the trampoline is my go-to place. I just love doing little things that make me feel happy.

Buying myself flowers is a must
My sister is a crazy plant lady, so she encouraged me to buy flowers for my bedroom. Anyone who says it’s sad to buy yourself flowers is wrong, everyone deserves some flowers and the vibrant atmosphere lift they bring.

Words make my world make sense
Of course I was always aware of this, but lately I have just fallen in love with words all over again. Even though I’m not musical, sometimes I wish I could write songs. Perhaps it’s on the bucket list!

And one more for luck during 23…

I can achieve anything I put my mind to
It has always been a dream of mine to publish a book, maybe 23 is my big year.

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