I Think He's Gone Weird

Fox Tales: Insta Investigations

Frankie had just about recovered from bumping into Kyler unexpectedly 10 days ago. She decided there was only so many meanings she could pull out of that meeting – She swayed towards fate until she remembered the amount of times she spent eating his curry dip after saying she didn’t want any. Fate was a myth, they were both just carb creatures and the universe thought it would have a good laugh.

Her day was going relatively okay, until it hit 6pm. She decided against going out, not that she had much of a choice with 8.65 sitting in her bank account. She flicked through her Snapchat stories, not too bothered about missing out, even though everyone seemed to be. By 7pm, the loneliness seemed to set in a bit. She wasn’t sure if it was because her dog was ignoring her or because that lad she friend-zoned was out living his life and moving on, but whatever it was, it hit her hard. She decided it was the perfect time to dive into her junk food stash in her bedside locker – Magic Stars, Thai Sweet Chilli Sensations, Strawberry Laces… and a new razor head. Well she definitely wouldn’t be needing that tonight. She had to have the food secretly hidden for two reasons – 1) So her brother wouldn’t find it. 2) She promised everyone she was sticking to a healthy diet this time. Being the sad human she was at this point in time, she decided to crack open a bottle of prosecco.

Within two hours all the girls had arrived. The four of them sat on her bed, downing prosecco, while Frankie completely played down her meeting 10 days ago. “No it was actually fine, I didn’t even freak out that much and I think he’s definitely lost some of his appeal!” Eh, they didn’t need to know about the alley way hyperventilating or the tears that followed that night. “Oh that’s good, so you don’t care about the girl on his story?” Frankie had deleted him off Snapchat a long time ago and it wasn’t long before she was tearing Jess’s phone out of her hands. “Okay do you think she’s behind the glass, a reflection or actually sitting beside him in the pub?” She looked up to three smirking faces all thinking the same thing – Thought you weren’t bothered? “Like I don’t care, and anyway they definitely look like they’re related!” Niamh entered with a “Erm, they don’t look related on his Insta story…” After a good half an hour investigating each picture, two things were certain – This stunning blonde mystery girl had legs that go on for four days and Frankie was bloody glad she had deleted him off every social media site.

Within the next few minutes, they had details – Name, age, pets, possible bedroom wall colour. “Someone else creep on her, I’m too paranoid!” Jess grabbed the phone and started scrolling. “Oooh I like her top” said Gracie. “She’s been to the Maldives, how lucky is she!” added Niamh. Frankie rolled her eyes so far back she wouldn’t have been surprised if she had landed in another decade. “So what we’ve established is that she’s perfect then?” asked Frankie, gulping glass number four. “Yeah but we don’t know how he actually knows he- OH CRAP!” Jess had just managed to do the worst thing that could ever have been done, leaving a lovely like under a six -year-old picture of this girl and an ex-boyfriend…

The room filled with silence, crickets echoed through the air, Frankie’s heart dropped. She had to commit to the like because she would see it either way, while drinking in his presence. The four of them sunk under the covers and prayed for a miracle or new life abroad.

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