Moments With My Mum

I couldn’t let Mother’s Day pass without dedicating a post to the most brutally honest, annoying, bossy bestie – my mum. Even though we kill each other, she comes out with some classic lines when it comes to advising me on love and I always have girls saying “Your mum is so cool about things, you can tell her everything!” I have listed a few classic mum moments below for you to have a giggle about and maybe some of you can even relate if your mother is your best friend and half as mad as mine. Hope you enjoy!

“I would hate to be your age now, men these days are weird!”
Okay, she has a point with that one…

“How was the date? Was he nice? Was it awkward? Did you find out if he has a crazy ex-girlfriend?”

Yeah of course mum, “I’ll have the chicken and a sprite, what would your ex usually order?”

“Thought you didn’t even want a boyfriend last week, why are you crying?”
People change, time moves on.

*Mid emotional breakdown* “If you’re feeling up to it later, can you hang the washing out and peel the spuds?”
Time to start dramatically singing about my miserable life at the washing line again…

“These phones are awful, you’re always checking up on each other. I never used to know what your dad was doing from one day to the next and that time he went to England in 2010 he didn’t ring me all week, I didn’t know if he was dead or alive!”
Are we not over that time yet, nah?

“If he can’t see your worth he doesn’t deserve you anyway. WAIT, ACTUALLY! Maybe he heard about your psycho moments and he has seen you drunk?”
Yep, thanks mum, really highlighting that worth right now.

“If you want someone to cuddle, go and cuddle your dad”

“Someday, someone is going to sweep you off your feet when you’re least expecting it, you just haven’t met him yet!”
And something we all know to be true… Mums are ALWAYS right.

Happy Mother’s Day! Xx

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