Fighting Through The Rainy Days

In life, they say certain things will either make us or break us. However, I don’t think this is necessarily true. I think we can choose whether things will be the making of us or the breaking of us. Unfortunately, facing challenges is part and parcel of growing up, and don’t get me wrong – that can be crap. Some people are lucky and only have to face minor mounds that are quickly forgotten about. However, others, for some reason which I do not know, have to climb mountain after mountain, battling bears and walking through fire. The important thing to remember is no matter the strength of the bears and the heat of the flames, you will always make it out the other side stronger than you were when you first started, and over time the scratches and burns will start to hurt a little bit less as they gradually heal.

A huge part of the healing process is knowing you had a partner on your journey. You don’t need a hundred people knowing the ins and outs of every detail of your life, even if you just have one shoulder to cry on and a person to remind you to laugh once in a while, you’re luckier than you think. I think this person is important as you’re growing up – they help you hold onto the happy parts of your childhood whilst braving the storm of adulthood with you. It’s not healthy to face things alone and keep everything bottled up, but that doesn’t mean you should feel incomplete if you don’t have a large group of people with you on your journey. Just because you may know lots of people, it doesn’t mean you can depend on them all. The people who come into your life and stay through the picture perfect and the far from perfect times are the important ones. I think we grow up measuring our worth by the amount of friends that we have, but really, the loyalty of one great friend may be greater than the loyalty of 10 not so great friends. Quality is important in people, not quantity. You only need yourself to get you through the wars, but a best friend always adds that extra touch of sparkle.

I think when things happen to us we all look for reasons. Why did this have to happen to me? Why now? And even though we can’t always find these reasons or answers, we rely on hope to get us through, and it always will eventually. One day when you look back you will see how everything you ever did shaped your journey and who you are as a person, no matter how low and difficult these times may have been for us. Life is unexpected, we don’t know what tomorrow may bring or what is around the corner. All we can do is make the most of our life today and stop worrying about the possibilities of what’s to come. You may not wake up in the morning at all, or you may wake up and have the best day of your life – you could go to the most beautiful place you’ve ever been, or meet the most beautiful hearted person, you just don’t know what the future holds, so soldier through today even if you just feel like staying in your pyjamas curled up under your duvet.

Life is full of unhappy moments that try to throw you off course for a little while and shake up your plans, so I really admire anyone who keeps fighting through and doesn’t give up. As much as we hate them as we are facing them, the challenges we face make us who we are.

For all the people out there who have been through too much – you are the world’s most important superheroes.

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