Rant Of The Week: Braving The Storm

There comes a time in every girls life where we are faced with a decision – we can either walk on eggshells, or we can strut on them in high heels. It can be very tempting to stay at home in your pyjamas eating a pot noodle, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians and avoiding a situation that you don’t particularly want to face, or you can be strong, shave your legs, put on tan, lift your head up high and strut into the room like Sandy at the end of Grease.

Some girls (maybe the wiser ones) choose to skip events that may make them feel socially awkward, but not me. If I have my heart set on going somewhere, I’m going by hook or by crook. I may spend twenty minutes saying ‘Oh maybe I just won’t go’ but this always just delays my getting ready time because I always end up going anyway. I just don’t think about it until I’m having a mini heart attack as I’m stepping out of the car, and by that stage it’s still too late, I’m going, so here goes. However, it can be difficult sometimes because I’m a crier. When everything gets too much for me, everyone knows it and my runny nose shows it. You feel me?

We’ve all been there though, whether you’re worrying about seeing an ex-boyfriend, a girl you’re arguing with, or your replacement… overtime, life heals you. Tears about new girls turn into ‘feel sorry for ya hun’ and your desire for other men starts to make a comeback. What is this I’m feeling, attraction for the mystery man across the room? Am I sick? Is this normal? Am I allowed to start moving on? Have I officially lost my blubbering mess status? Was I delusional for the past six months, or just an idiot? There is no room in the air for awkwardness because your hair is taking up all that space and any negativity is bouncing off your highlight and perfectly smooth bronzed legs.

You can’t let other people stop you from living your own life, if you are courageous enough to brave the storm you will become a much stronger person over time. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for unfollowing people on social media that make you sad and it’s not a good idea to go lurking, but in the real world, you can’t hide people from your newsfeed. Don’t go looking for drama, but don’t hide from reality either. I have been guilty of both in the past and this all led to the frequent and unfortunate runny nose situation…

Right now you may be wondering, why the pointless positive post? Well, I just felt like dedicating something to all the girls who go out and put on a brave contoured face when they are actually full of emotion, nerves, and occasionally alcohol. It is much easier to just stay home and upset yourself by watching everyone’s Snapchat stories, so if you’re brave enough to face the world when you actually feel like an unwanted potato, I salute you and I love you! Girl Power!

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