Rant Of The Week: The Kardashians: Who Cares? Well, I Do Actually

At this stage my love of the Kardashian/Jenner clan is no secret. Everytime I go to read a story about them 90% of the comments say “Who cares?” and well, actually, I do. As one of those people who prefers celebrity drama to my own, I need those Kardashian/Jenner stories to feed cravings. I didn’t always love them though, there was a point when I also thought, who cares? However, now I love them, possibly more than my own siblings… awks… I couldn’t tell you how to turn on the tumble dryer but I could probably tell you what Kim K had for breakfast. Prioriotes, god mum.
Here are 8 reasons why I love the Kardashians!

1. They constantly give me Instagram and blog post inspiration
Kylie’s new hair? Insta. Disappointed in Scott? Blog. Kanye smiling? Breaking news worldwide.

2. They are sister goals
No matter how much you may dislike them, you can’t deny that their sister bond is unbreakable. I’d hate the Kardashians to all turn on me anyway… bad move, Scott…

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3. North is just so relatable
She is just me 99% of the time. I feel ya girl.

4. Relationship goals (Well, gift goals really)
Despite the fact that he seems kinda moody and controlling over her wardrobe choices, there is no doubt that Kanye is head over heels for Kim. I wouldn’t personally marry him, but hey, it seems to be working out for her…

5. They are style icons
“What look do I wanna go for on Saturday night?” *Checks Kylie’s Instagram*

6. Body Image
You have to give these ladies credit, real or fake, their bodies are all different shapes and sizes. I think this is a great thing for young girls to be seeing on TV and in magazines.

7. They’re just like us really

Underneath all the glitz and glamour, they’re just your regular family…

8. They can’t help how fortunate they were
Lets face it, if millions landed on our doorstep we wouldn’t turn it away. Perhaps it’s time to admit that there is a little jealousy lurking behind the hatred? 

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