Rant Of The Week: The Struggles Of Living In Ireland When You’re Not Interested in GAA

I moved from England to Ireland 15 years ago when I was 4-years-old. Since then I have faced many situations full of confusion – Pencil sharpeners became toppers, trainers became runners, etc etc. However, out of all of the things living in Ireland brought into my life, one of the main ones is the country’s passion for GAA. Even though I have no interest in sport myself, I admire how many people are so devoted to it. Whether it’s hurling or football (dear god I hope these are GAA) there is always a huge buzz around on days when matches are on. However, here are the struggles I face when I have absolutely no idea what is going on…

1. When people talk to me about football
I tend to go on like “Oh yeah, well I don’t watch it but if I had to choose I support Man Utd!” Oh, you call that soccer, my bad…

2. Not owning a single jersey even though my wardrobe is like Narnia
WHAT DO I WEAR OUT TONIGHT? My new sequin bodycon just might look a bit out of place, idk.

3. Growing up hearing “He’s a county minor”
Look, to be honest I have no idea what you just said so my feelings towards this guy have not changed in the slightest…

4. When you ask who’s playing
Okay so judging by that look you all think I’m a tad bit thick…

5. When my best friends mum supports Waterford and asks me if I’m wearing a Tipp jersey
I didn’t even realise it was a jersey, it just looked like a comfy pyjama top, but sorry if I offended your family, please don’t kick me out…

6. Tipperary Abu
Tipperary a who?

7. “It’s the under-21 final”
Jesus that sounds like a bit of a scary combination of ages to have playing against each other…

Hope you all enjoyed this and know in future I’m in hiding on these days to avoid showing my lack of knowledge to the world! 
Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and enjoy the match and all the celebrations afterwards 🙂 xx

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