8 Things That Happen When I Try To Eat More Healthy Food

If you’re following me on Instagram you will know how hard I have been trying to go on a major health kick (okay, since like yesterday, but still…)
This is something I want to do for my own self esteem because I spend so much time complaining about my diet and belly so decided to take action. Saying that, it’s not as easy as it seems and I think I have reached breaking point due to the things below starting to get on my nerves…

1. When you’re not worried about your diet the fridge is empty, but when you start eating healthy your house suddenly turns into Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory
I know you’re my family but you do all have a chocolatey scent all of a sudden…

2. You expect your bedroom mirror to turn into the one from Snow White
I just ate a salad, do I look like Khloe Kardashian yet?

3. You feel like everybody is judging you
Yes Mother, I do want to dunk this chocolate biscuit into my tea otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered to take it out of the cupboard.

4. You start questioning whether to buy the size 8 or the size 10 while shopping online
Like overnight I could have suddenly dropped a whole size so the 10 would be a waste of money…

5. Worry sets in
What if none of my clothes will fit anymore? Will my boobs disappear completely? This stress is making me hungry…

6. You realise you should have went with the 10…
But this could be the last time you do this skinny jean struggle dance, it’s the end of an era.

7. You wonder how to lose chins
Look, I don’t even know if it’s possible, but at least three of these have to go…

8. Your cravings get so bad that all your friends suddenly look like kebabs with legs…
Must. not. give. in.

Anyone else on this journey with me? We can do this! Girl power! I believe in us <3 x 

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