10 Struggles All Non-Sporty Girls Have During PE Class

If you’re anything like me, those eighty minutes of PE class in school each week were absolute torture. This was because I’m not exactly a big lover of sport, or exercise in general…
Thank god that phase of my life is over and I don’t have to deal with these issues anymore…

1. Trying to remember what illness/injury you have this week
What did my fake sick note say again? Period pain? Recovering from the flu? Just gotta sit on the bench and look ill…

2. Getting stressed out by all the sporty people around you
Alright love, chill out, it’s not the Olympics…

3. Your face becoming a magnet
Why is it that when you’re trying to avoid the ball at all costs it always finds a way to hit you straight in the nose? “I’m fine lads, thanks for cari-” “DUCK!” Damaged face round 2.

4. Resisting the urge to vomit over the absolute state of the uniform
Bottle green trousers and an unflattering red hoody. What idiot designed this, seriously? Don’t quit the day job. And nah I ain’t wearing those shorts, so don’t even try…

5. Being picked on by your teacher
“Fe, run!” Bitch please if I sweat I’ll fill the room with glitter.

6. Being chosen last for everything
You weren’t even chosen, just left over…

7. Deciding what shoes to wear because you don’t own runners
Converse? Louboutins?

8. Praying for a free class or asking can you go for a walk everytime
When you said beep test did you mean sleep test?

9. Finding someone to chat to to pass the time
With no luck because everyone fends for themself out there…

10. The effort of getting changed
Nobody look at my legs, it’s November, I haven’t shaved them since 1937.

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