The Basic Rules Of Girl Code

Living in girl world isn’t always easy, there is a bible with strict rules that all girls must follow. If you have a friend who isn’t following these rules then you must try to subtly exile her from your kingdom of besties immediately. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life…
Girl code is the simple way to tell your true friends from your fake friends.

1. Ex boyfriends/Love interests are completely off limits
Sure I’ve moved on, but that doesn’t mean I can just erase the memory of the wedding dress I designed in second class. No but really, go cook your own dinner out of the billions of other ingredients worldwide and leave my leftovers alone.

2. If the guy your friend likes shows interest in you, you must run a mile
And if that’s not far enough, move to Peru and delete all your social media accounts. Do not show any interest back, just talk up your friend. However, you don’t need to worry too much about this one, this is unlikely to happen unless you have been talking to this guy a lot. And in that case, EXILED.

3. If one member of the group is hating on a guy who broke her heart the rest must follow suit
No you cannot get selfies with him, and no you cannot be having a laugh with him while your friend is crying on the bathroom floor because he left her heart in pieces. We don’t care how funny he is…

4. “Do you think his ex girlfriend is pretty?”
No, obviously not. Never hesistate, the answer is just no. And if your friend says “everyone else thinks she’s pretty” and you’re backed into a corner, just say “she is obvious pretty” (whatever that means).

5. Friends who make bitchy comments to put you down and don’t support you are not true friends
Friends pick you up when you’re down and never judge you. If you have to question whether your supposed to be BFF is acting sly, that’s because she is. Girls are very good at hiding sly digs behind a smile and the line “oh my god you look fab”, always remember that.

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