Seven Thoughts We All Have When Reading Indirect Tweets

Twitter can be a very entertaining place, however, it can also make you lose all hope in the human race because of the amount of indirect tweets.

For anybody who doesn’t know what an indirect tweet is, it is basically like a Facebook status on Twitter talking about someone without mentioning their name. In most cases it is a form of cyber bullying. I have had indirects aimed at me in the past so I tend to laugh them off, or confront the person about it. Don’t mess with me, you’ve been warned. I may be little but I can be feisty.

This post is for anybody who has gone on Twitter to share your thoughts about the porridge you had for breakfast but then discovered a moment of scrolling later that you’re “annoying” or “not trustworthy”. Oh right, well I put blueberries in it for anybody who is focusing on my tweets while this other drama and one-sided Twitter war is going on…

Here are seven thoughts we all have when reading indirect tweets…

1. Is this about me? 
You pretty much just quoted one of my own tweets, made fun of it and then put it up two seconds after my tweet, okay, this is definitely about me.

2. Do I care that this is about me?
Yes and no. Yes because I haven’t spoken to you in over a year so don’t understand why you have suddenly taken it upon yourself to bully me on social media, and no because the entertainment this is bringing me is irreplaceable.

3. I reeeeeally want to favourite this
A perfect response to an indirect, a simple favourite to let them know I’m loving the attention. Haterz r my motivatorz.

4. Stop clogging up my newsfeed
I come on Twitter for important news about the Kardashians and all of my celebrity boyfriends, I don’t have time for your non-favourited, non-retweeted and non-cared about bitching.

5. Everybody has an idea who this is about

Oh that was the point because you thought people would join in on the hate session and feel sorry for you because of your bullying skills? Ori hun I getcha now.

6. I wonder how long it will be until all my friends send me a screenshot of the tweet?
Three minutes, it took three minutes.

7.  Are you 13 again?
“Hate dis town cant trust no1 xx” “You okay hun? Mail me xx”

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