Rant Of The Week: 5 beauty blunders that need to stop

Now I know I’m no Mila Kunis but seriously, what is happening to natural good looks? I hadn’t seen my boyfriend for a week and in that time I bought a lighter, more natural foundation and the first thing he said to me when we were reunited was “You don’t have any makeup on do you? Did you always look like that?” Alright babes I don’t sweat Estée Lauder double wear.

I love my makeup and fashion but there’s some things that we just need to take a step back from…

1. Contouring gone wrong
Contouring started as a great trend but now its just gotten to the stage where girls are completely unrecognisable. You don’t even look feminine anymore, are you trying to be Kim or Kanye?

2. Eyebrows
You’re naturally blonde, those jet black caterpillars aren’t fooling anybody.

3. Double boob
When girls wear bras that are too small for them to try and push their boobs up to their chin and they end up with that freaky fat spilling double boob thing. “I’m a D I swear” start blooding buying that size to control them then! Why are they looking at me…

4. When girls can’t walk in heels
Okay I am completely guilty of this too, but its such a shame. Killer bod, outfit on point, but shes strutting her stuff like a newborn deer after 4 shots of tequila.

5. The Ross Geller teeth with the Ross Geller tan
When girls have so much tan on that it causes their teeth to become illuminous and light up the dancefloor. Some serious electricity saver I’m tellin ya.

Please god don’t let me have a daughter until Kim K and Geordie Shore have long gone out of fashion,,,

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