Rant Of The Week: Why Don’t I Have Granny Hair?

Guys, there is no love story more beautiful than that of my hair and I, so needless to say, I am too excited about the latest trend to take over heads worldwide: Granny Hair.

 I think it is such a gorgeous look and am devastated that I just have balayage in my hair (that is sooo 2014). Very tempted to persuade my hairdresser, my mum Nicky to let me dye my hair grey. Unfortunately, I can’t carry around the Valencia filter with me on a daily basis so don’t know if I would quite look like those grey haired beauties on Instagram, but worth a try, right? 

Why is this only becoming a thing now? Is it bad that I’m praying I’ll naturally start turning grey soon? Will I have to wait until I’m sixty to be a part of the granny hair trend? Will my grandchildren even let me Instagram selfies at that age? #instanan
Yeah, it isn’t looking likely, but then again neither are the chances of anyone actually wanting to marry and have children with me..ah here, the stress of thinking about all this would nearly cause my hair to turn grey by itself!

Move over Kylie Jenner blue, I’m all about that grey! Stressful thoughts or bleach and ash toner welcome xx 

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