Can We Please All Have A Moments Silence For The Scalp Of Kim K

The moment I saw that Kim Kardashian had gone blonde I was sure I was going to hate it. Unfortunately, the longer I stare at it, the harder it becomes to hate it. Obviously I prefer her brunette but I actually quite like the blonde! Or maybe I just like the new chop? Not quite sure! Either way, this woman is receiving worldwide attention yet again, while her scalp is involuntarily being dragged through the depths of hell. Been there my friend.

Blonde isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, they’re supposed to have more fun, but in between my hair almost snapping off and my scalp being burnt to pieces by bleach, I don’t recall the fun part? The reaction of my school also wasn’t that fun either? Or the fact that I had to wear makeup every single day because the blonde made me look so washed out? Yeah lads some laugh. No wonder the woman looks so serious all the time her hair must be completely frazzled and ready to fall out.

As the daughter of a hairdresser I don’t mind experimenting with my hair, but I must say it is in an awful state now. Stained with reds and purples, straw like from bleach and with disgraceful roots because I’m trying to grow out my natural colour for healthier hair. No wonder she had it all chopped off! I can’t even do a Kylie Jenner on it because the blue would never come up in my hair…

I wonder what’s more damaged, Kim’s hair right now, or North when she’s old enough to see her mothers attempt to break the internet?

Kim girl hope you’re okay hun x 

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