Because you can’t beat a good old size 10!

Things that I’m not happy about today-

Trying to make my waist recover from squeezing into a size 8 pair of skinny jeans twelve hours ago.

World War 3 has broken out on my face.
My house is bloody FREEZING.
Probs having something healthy for dinner.

Things that I’m happy about today- 
There is carrot cake in the kitchen.
This is one of those days where I’d be expected to be hit with comments such as “Have you put on weight? It suits you”, “You look awfully pale, are you feeling alright?”, “Maybe if you try blah blah blah your skin might clear up a bit” Thanks for the concern lads, but I’m just ugly alright…
The only thing worse than a bad face day is a bad face AND hair day. 
I’ve realised some of my favourite ways to cheer myself up on these kind of blah days, so here they are!
1) Annoy all your friends on Snapchat with selfies of your chins and by drawing on it to make yourself look like a mermaid. 
2) Bring music out on the trampoline and just jump for a good 40 minutes jiggling off all those vodka calories from the night before!
3) Eat the carrot cake. (Not a recommended tip if looking for positive results long term, but great if in need of short term happiness!)
4) Do a face mask, great fun and your skin will be super smooth afterwards.
5) Wash your hair and straighten it or do something nice. So simple, but how often do you feel really confident with your hair pulled back in a ponytail?
6) Throw on some mascara. Liven yourself up a bit! 
7) Have a dmc with your mum or dad or whoever will be most likely to make you a cup of tea!
8) Go for a walk. Just take some time to appreciate the living, breathing, annoying individual that you are.
9) Watch Friends. Friends will never let you down.
10) Ignore tips 1-8 and just do number 9 and order a Chinese takeaway!

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