What Is So Hot And What Is So Not.

Things that make me happy right now and things that make me say “headz pure recked lad”

1) Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes baby. As much as I hate to admit it, those genes combined are no doubt going to bring greatness.

2) Garth Brooks coming to Ireland! Oh no wait, awkward…

3) The World Cup 2014, I love football! And by football I mean David Beckham and his sons. Possible future toyboy perhaps?

4) Jumpsuits. As long as its not bright orange you can’t go wrong!

5) Unshaven legs on girls are so in fashion right now! Ok, so I lied, boys don’t really appreciate the gorilla look as much as we would like them to but I think its definitely a trend the Kardashian’s or Rihanna should consider so that the rest of the worlds female population will follow. Girl power!

1) Drawn on eyebrows the size of Asia. Go brows the internet for some different beauty tips gals xo

2) Zac Efron having a new girlfriend. Like, what’s that about?

3) The History and Biology papers for the Leaving Cert 2014. Hahahaha good one State Examinations Commission…

4) Cheryl Cole getting married after 3 months and changing her name to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. I love the woman dearly, but did she properly think all this through?

5) Crop tops worn with the full belly on show. This trend went out of style with Britney Spears. Yes, I know its sad but we all have to move on…

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