I Hate 6th Year.

After a long and amazing summer of eating and sleeping 24/7, I have been hit hard by the reality that is dun dun duuun…6TH YEAR! Not only did I spend about half an hour looking for my tie on the first day back, I also realised that I look extremely manly when I don’t have makeup on? No one thought to let me know that then no? Like seriously if I was trying to scare off any stalkers (not that I am because the only thing attracted to me lately is wasps) I could easily be like ‘Meet me after school’. They would run a mile the second they realise what I actually look like. So if that wasn’t bad enough, our principal went on a huge rant about studying and exams. Where is my life going? All I want is to be a wag but instead I am being forced to go to school everyday and study for exams that won’t even help me enter the wag life, all I need is a decent footballer who hasn’t seen me without makeup on and doesn’t know what my true personality is like, is that really too much to ask for? I’ve only been back a week and I’m already considering making a quick escape out the window in Irish class or hiding in the vending machine so I won’t have to go to maths! Not too sure whether I’ll make it through the whole year, but if I do I can promise red and green hair at some point to stir a little bit of trouble before I head into wagdom! #LoretoLife

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