Reasons Why Girls Annoy Me Sometimes

Yes, I am very much aware that I am a girl, however, that does not mean the rest of them don’t annoy me! I really do prefer men even though I always say ‘I hate men’. I don’t really, I’m just a bit dramatic! First of all I just have to talk about something that really gets to me. THE HUGE EYEBROW TREND. Why, just why? Are they supposed to look natural? I just don’t get it, I think its pretty frightening!  My eyebrows are naturally big and after years of people being like ‘You have really big eyebrows’ I finally get them all nicely shaped and stuff and then caterpillar eyebrows come into fashion? Ugh. Don’t even get me started on foundation on your lips, you just look creepy. Also, when did pictures of girls on the toilet become a cool thing to do? It’s not funny, it just ruins your whole classy image that you may have been going for that night. Fair enough I pee with my friends on nights out but we don’t all sit there taking Summer selfies. Yes, I’m sure the guy you like will see that picture in their newsfeed and be like ‘Aw she looks so hot on the toilet, I’d say shes a right laugh, I must try and shift her now on the next night out!’ And well if he does say that, what kind of guy are you going for??? I know not all girls are like this and that’s fine if you are, it’s just not particularly attractive in my opinion (neither are croc’s but that’s another story). My next point is about something that Amy Farrell always says ‘She just has it!’ So you may now be wondering, what is ‘it’? In Amy’s head ‘it’ is skinny, long hair, long legs and those really obvious outfits that everybody has (no offence). Amy is entitled to her opinion just like everybody else but in my head I ask WHERE’S THE ORIGINALITY PEOPLE? In my mind ‘it’ is whatever you want it to be. This may be turning into a slight jealousy rant about how hot girls annoy me because I’m really bitter since I cut my hair and I ate a big bag of sensations today by myself…but that is not the point…YOU SHOULD LOVE ME JELLY BELLY AND ALL <3

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