I Hate People. #TownProblems

According to Wikipedia, the population of the World today is 7.1 Billion. I can honestly say about 98% of this number annoy me. There are many reasons for this, mainly because I’m over dramatic and complain too much, but I shall continue to rant about these little things anyway. Firstly, why do women feel the need to bring prams into Penney’s and River Island? (especially during sales) Look lady if you want to enjoy the sale like everybody else then remove your little darling from the pram and carry it instead of causing traffic jams while I’m bargain hunting. The worst part about it is the women who give you death glares when you can’t get past them, um hello I’m not the one who brought a mini vehicle into the shop? This brings me onto my second point about people who walk reeeally slowly in town while taking up the entire pavement…GET OUT OF MY WAY. I just cannot go into town anymore without a tiny bit of anger building up inside of me, maybe I’m just an angry person? Earlier on I mentioned River Island, so another point on this subject is the amount of beautiful clothes that have been destroyed by girls wearing 30 layers of foundation. Like, was the dress originally cream or orange? Especially when it started at 50 euro and its down to 15 euro and you can hardly contain your excitement for your next night out and then…BOOM. IT’S DESTROYED. Why people, just why? So as you try to recover from this traumatic incident you take a stroll into boots to look for a new red lipstick and as you reach the counter ‘Do you have a Boots card?’ ‘Nope!’ ‘Would you like a Boots card?’ ‘No thank you, maybe next time!’ ‘Well it will only take a minute so fill out this form please!’ I DIDN’T WANT A BLOODY BOOTS CARD! I go into Boots every now and then to buy deodorant or a new toothbrush, but that’s it. I didn’t need to waste a valuable 6 minutes of my life filling out a form for something that I will never use. Even after I did fill it out, where is my Boots card? Weeks later and it still isn’t here after the big fuss that was made about it. Just let me live my life people. Ugh. Rant over lol xo

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