Rant Of The Week: It’s Nice To Be Nice

In a world where so many things are possible and man has supposedly been to the moon, why do so many people still struggle to use basic manners? Why is a smile perfected in a social media selfie but not in person? When did saying ‘please,’ ‘thank you’ and smiling become such a huge effort? It’s no surprise that one simple smile, even from a stranger, can lift your whole day and a frown can drag down your mood, they have huge effects on people around you, and those frowns aren’t fun.

On a recent trip to a shop I noticed this definitely was the case, but I had noticed it in other places before too. A friendly man served me and when he needed help from someone else she seemed less than impressed. Even though I was delayed at the till as the man waited for assistance, I was a lot happier there chatting to him than I was leaving after staring at a miserable face that didn’t even try to smile, say hello and made it completely obvious that she didn’t want to be there. The help he got sure made the queue move quicker but it also brought down the moods of everyone waiting because one persons negative energy hit us all. All of a sudden, I wasn’t looking forward to eating my purchases anymore and the hunger was taken over by annoyance. Why can’t people just be nice?

Weeks before this I had witnessed a woman rudely raising her voice to a sales assistant because she couldn’t help her. This wasn’t the sales assistants fault, if she isn’t allowed to do something without the mangers help because it’s a shop rule, she shouldn’t have to be humiliated in front of a line of people and reduced to the point of tears. She’s there to pay her bills, not to purposely be out to get you.

I know people can be having a bad day, but isn’t there a point where being in a bad mood around others just turns into pure ignorance? Yes, I believe so. You may be annoyed about a situation or just in a bad mood but try not to let it have a knock on effect on people who may be having a bad enough day already. I get really annoyed when I meet people who seem to lack basic manners. Did you not learn those before anything else? Do you not realise you could be hurting someone who is fighting a battle you know nothing about? I once smiled at an older lady I had never met and she stopped me to tell me how it made her day because nobody had taken the time to smile at her yet on that particular day. I think that just proves the power behind a single smile.

Bad moods don’t make bad people, but a bad attitude can often mask the good in you. I’m not saying you need to buy flowers for every person you meet, but it wouldn’t hurt you to stop and smell the roses once in a while! Always remember, it’s nice to be nice πŸ™‚

Meeting The Make Up Fairy

As a girl who is constantly trying to grow and improve my blog, there is nothing I love more than hearing the inspiring stories of my favourite bloggers and business women. This is why I jumped at the chance to get a ticket to The Make Up Fairy, Joanne Larby’s event in the Showgrounds, Clonmel. Exciting things rarely happen in this little town I live in so I knew I just had to go and make the most of the knowledge I would gain from the experience. If some of you aren’t familiar with Joanne, then you need to check her out on social media. She is such a beautiful, inspiring woman – in terms of both her career and approach to body confidence. You will just fall in love with her blog and Instagram and check her page more regularly than the page of the boy you like, don’t say I didn’t warn you πŸ˜›

The event was on Friday evening for a few hours in the Showgrounds with Benefit, Vila, and Easons. Joanne held a make-up masterclass with a lovely model, a fashion show and a book signing for her book Fairy Tales. I went with my friend Claire and her cousin Roisin. Claire is well aware that I will be practicing all the make-up tips on her so lets hope she took in all the information so we can glam each other up for our next night out! It was such a lovely, girly evening. There is nothing like a bit of fashion, beauty and sparkle to make your weekend. The thing that stood out to me the most was how Joanne was so relatable and down to earth, she makes you realise that your dreams are so achievable with hardwork and dedication, and everybody has to start somewhere. So at this point I am full of motivation and have a fresh outlook on things which is so refreshing. I am completely going to binge read Fairy Tales now whenever I’m feeling that little bit down in the dumps or just need a boost of inspiration.

I got to chat to Joanne while she was signing my book and she was just as pleasant one-to-one as she is when I watch her Snapchat stories or watched her talking to the crowd. She is serious career goals and body goals. I am so glad I got the chance to meet her and hear her story. Thanks for inspiring me Joanne, you deserve all the great opportunities that are coming your way πŸ™‚
The dress I wore is one I have had for years and the boots I got a few months ago from Penneys! And about the denim jacket, we all know I can’t live without them! The scarf was an order from my nan so I didn’t freeze, and she was right as always!:)

‘Psycho’ – Fact Or Fiction?

‘You’re a psycho’: The three little words that have the ability to make a woman’s blood boil and prove the statement 100% correct. I’m sure you’ve been there my friend. The only way to fix the damage caused by this statement is to replace it with three other words which will definitely not be said back to you at this point. No I do not love you right now, but I do love giving you this death stare while watching you make me food to start to make up for it, so please get on that ASAP. The truth is one of two options- either no woman is a psycho, or all women are psychos.

 I have looked up the word psychopath in the urban dictionary and here are the results: “Psychopath: A person with an antisocial personality disorder, manifested in aggressive, perverted, criminal, or amoral behavior without empathy or remorse. Psychopaths tend to lack normal human emotions such as guilt. They are also often highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others. Also, psychopaths seem to appear normal. You would probably never guess there was something wrong with them. Note, not all psychopaths are serial killers.”

Granted some of it is the truth, yes we may be highly intelligent and skilled at manipulating others but we wouldn’t have had so much practise at this skill if men were more wise to the way we think and feel. What is so hard to understand about our desire for attention 24/7, the way we hint instead of saying things straight out and the way “I’m fine” means you need to investigate into the very depths of my soul to find out what you’ve done wrong in the past three seconds? Is this not all simple science? And yes, we do appear normal even though underneath we’re SLIGHTLY insecure, jealous, way too good at creeping, and emotionally unstable…but who isn’t, eh? And as for being aggressive, well, let’s save discussing that one for another day shall we? But if it helps, according to the statement above we’re not all serial killers, so surely that’s always a plus!
When men call us psychos do they not realise they’ve probably unleashed this monster? I didn’t want to show you this side until at least three months into our relationship, but hey, you’ve pushed me to the limit by not scrolling past her profile picture quick enough and with that constant irritating clicking you keep doing… could you not?
Like I said before, either no woman is a psycho and men over-exaggerate our anger, or all women are psychos and we were built this way to cope with living in a world full of clueless, airheaded, yet very beautiful male creatures. If you think your girl is a psycho then you’ve obviously done something that is not acceptable behaviour in the world of women and you’ve managed to get yourself into an awful situation that is hitting at least 8.9 on the female Richter Scale. At this point you can either go and find shelter in a far away place (until the earthquake spreads, which it will, you can’t escape this) or face it head on right now and risk being knocked out by some flying object (likely scenario…) Good luck, see you on the other side. Hopefully. 

It’s Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

I’m a huge fan of Halloween, always have been. My favourite thing about it is definitely watching Hocus Pocus. TV in October becomes a whole lot more appealing than the rest of the year! Ever met someone who said they haven’t seen Hocus Pocus? Below is my exact reaction to meeting those people…

Here are 10 reasons why it’s my most loved Halloween movie!

1. Everybody loves it, it’s a halloween classic
Time for the annual family gathering!

2. It wasn’t ruined by a million unnecessary sequels

How many of us actually watched Halloweentown High anyway? (Don’t get me wrong though, still praying for Hocus Pocus 2)

3. It’s classic Halloween costume inspiration

Unless you’re like me and know you will never end up being Sarah because you’re the least blonde and most unfortunate one in your friends group….

4. It’s good old fashioned witchcraft 
Evil spells and an abandoned old house, gotta love it!

5. It’s still pretty creepy
Especially if you’re a child…

6. But funny too
Oh Dani…

7. Cat goals
Thackery Binx is the ultimate partner in crime, my cats just sleep all day and try to come into the bathroom with me. 

8. You just know this movie will be passed down for generations
I hope my kids don’t have great social lives because that will just totally ruin my future Halloween plans…

9. We could totally relate to both Dani and Max depending on our age
Who’s coming trick or treating with me this year?

10. As I get older, I’m starting to understand Winifred Sanderson’s attitude problem
She does have a good few hundred years of life/death experience behind her…

I said it before and I’ll say it again…
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Rant Of The Week: Fictional Men Vs. Real Life Men

As you all know, I’ve really been binge watching Sex and the City recently, not only does it make me very entertained, it has also given me valuable life advice and made me question my view on relationships. Does my taste in fictional men reflect my taste in real life men? Yes. The answer is most definitely a big fat yes. Here are just a few examples out of hundreds…

Sex and the City: Let’s start at the obvious, Mr.Big. He and Carrie never worked. They always wanted different things, he couldn’t commit to her, he always left her wondering, he got married to someone else even though he wouldn’t marry Carrie, he then cheated on his wife with Carrie, finally got engaged to Carrie but then left her at the altar and in the second movie was still being a bit of a dick. So any normal person would say wow, not the ideal guy, yet when Carrie was with Aidan I couldnt take my eyes off the screen until Mr.Big came back to seduce her and mess with her head again. Why? because I am an absolute dope. I always look for happy endings in places where there couldn’t possibly be a happy ending, maybe I like the challenge? Why do women always run back to what we find familiar even though it didn’t work out the first time? Note to self, stop falling back into bad habits.

Grease: Danny Zuko, why do I find him so hot when he is the definition of a typical lad? He didn’t give Sandy a second look until she was sewn into those tight little leggings and started smoking, so was that really love when he was more interested in looking cool than treating her right? Note to self, stop falling for lads lads. 

Friends: Despite giving us the impression earlier that he was the dream boyfriend, Ross actually slept with another woman even though Rachel had been the love of his life for so long. I spent forever wishing they would get back together because he was just such a cutie, even though in reality that dramatic turn of events said a lot about his character. Note to self, stop falling for guilty charm.

Bridget Jones’s Diary: I don’t know if it’s something to do with the fact that I prefer Hugh Grant to Colin Firth, but I most definitely would not be able to resist Daniel Cleaver’s office flirting. Let’s face it though, he’s hardly future husband material and I would never ever introduce him to my parents. Note to self, stop falling for users.

An Officer and a Gentleman: So basically, Richard Gere leads the poor girl on for a while and then suddenly decides that he’s not really into her that much despite the fact that he met her family and continuously cuddled her (not cool) He’s not very nice to her, but he returns, very dramatically mind you, and sweeps her off her feet (literally) by walking into her workplace in his navy uniform. Every girls dream dammit… Note to self, stop falling for guys who aren’t quite sure what they want.

Now, where are all the Noah Calhoun’s at?

Living In Limbo

As a young woman, I’ve been in many different states in my life (slightly drunk, bad hair days etc.) but none of these have ever been as bad as being in the state of limbo. This is definitely one place that I do not want to be hanging out on a Saturday night. If you don’t know what limbo is, it’s basically the not quite sure stage where you feel you can’t move forward because someone else’s actions, well, lack of actions are preventing you from doing so and not letting you know where you stand.

Just imagine you’re a main character in the final scene of a romantic movie, but as the end credits start you step in a huge pile of chewing gum that the “knight in shining armor” had placed down on the ground without you knowing. You’ve spent the past twenty minutes in a picture perfect romantic embrace, but now he’s left you there stuck to the ground as he moves forward with his own life. What happens next? You’re now left in a very sticky situation with your own thoughts and the lingering smell of Paco Rabanne, so what do you do? Well, you can either stay stuck, stay wondering, stay waiting for a phonecall that deep down you know will never come, or you can be your own hero and take off the shoes. I’m personally a fan of the second plan. As I prepare to leave my teenage years behind me I have only just realised how important it is to get yourself out of limbo. Take off the shoes, keep on walking, and what will be will be. If he doesn’t still have time for you when the credits start rolling then do you really want there to be a sequel anyway?

Trust me, I know letting go is easier said than done, we’ve all experienced it, you feel you can’t let go until you know why. Why did this happen? Why didn’t he stay? Why aren’t I good enough? Well the truth is, you are good enough, you are too good. If he can’t appreciate and respect every single detail about you or even spare you five minutes out of his day to check you’re doing okay then he doesn’t deserve you. And I can assure you, you might be surprised how quickly a real Prince Charming arrives on a white horse to sweep you off your feet as soon as you learn to let go and stop kissing the same old frog.

“Maybe you’re only allotted a certain amount of tears per man, and I’ve used mine up.” – Carrie Bradshaw

Five Things We Wish Our Mothers Would Stop Doing

There really is no explanation needed for this one. Mother, please stop. Oh, and can I borrow some money to buy myself a naggin for tonight?

Here are five things we wish our mothers would stop doing…

1. Leaving us alone in the supermarket queue
Okay, I know I’m nearly 20 but this fear will last forever. It’s nearly my turn and still no sign of my mother or the unnecessary bag of frozen veg that she went back to get. What do I do? I can’t breathe properly… are a few carrots really worth this emotional trauma?

2. Picking up random sayings that she thinks are cool
The other day after dinner my mum actually said: “Thanks, that was totes amazeballs” My brother then told me not to put that in this blog post because he didn’t want the world to know… can’t blame the poor lad really…

3. Trying to zoom in on Instagram

4. Using the washing line as an escape plan during an argument
Nice dramatic door slam but you dropped a sock…

5. Trying to turn us into adults
Look, I’m not here by choice, you gave birth to me, therefore I think you should book my doctors appointment and come in with me… you brought this on yourself…