Lilac Love With DV8

Hey gals!

I have collaborated with DV8, one of my favourite stores, for this post as they were kind enough to send me an outfit of my choice to style and shoot. In this post I am styling the Ax Paris Lilac Suede Dress.

Can I just say before I start, I LOVE these suede style dresses! Honestly, I think they are so gorgeous and I have adored them since day one. Two of my friends have them and the temptation to try and squeeze my bum into them has always been too real. However, quite often the colours are darker but we all know I love my outfits to make a statement so when I spotted this lilac dress I knew it had to be mine. Lilac is so popular at the moment and I’m going to Prague in August so this will definitely be one of my outfits among the 500 I always find it necessary to bring on holiday! They also had other colours to choose from such as pink and navy so you will definitely find something to suit your taste (or just buy every colour because you know, treat yourself!)

One of the things I love the most about this dress is that it can be dressed up or down. I would definitely rock this on a night out on the town, for a casual lunch with the girls or as the perfect outfit for a first date. The high neck keeps it classic and chic whilst the way it goes up into a dip on the side of the thigh adds a little bit of an edge.

I’m a bit of a denim addict myself so I chose to team it with my beloved over-sized vintage denim jacket (when I say vintage I mean it belonged to my dad in the 90s. Soz Dad, you’re officially vintage!) a pair of fishnets, chunky high heels and fluffy earrings. However, I think it would look equally stunning with a delicate pair of earrings, elegant high heels, a pretty clutch bag and hair pulled back into a loose upstyle. Can you cope with the thought of this dress with a pair of oversized sunnies? So fab. Yes, I do live in Clonmel but I was definitely destined for Calabasas with Kylie Jenner, things just didn’t work out that way…

If you’re looking to snap up this dress for Saturday night or just to slay in your next insta selfie then you can find it here. Be sure to check out DV8 Fashion for loads of fab styles and inspiration!

No doubt the rest of my friends group will be buying one of these dresses now after seeing this post and we will all be going around as the suede sisters… The next major girlband perhaps? Also, my sister loves it so I’m surprised it didn’t suddenly go missing before I wrote this blog post… we all know how scheming sisters can be…

Thanks so much to DV8 for bringing this lilac beauty into my life and wardrobe! Hope you all loved this post and love this dress as much as I do πŸ™‚ xx
**This dress was gifted to me by DV8 for our collaboration** 

Foxy Fashion – June 2017

Welcomes back to another Foxy Fashion post! Woah, that month flew.  The weather in June was a bit all over the place (much like my life) soooo I didn’t really know what to be wearing half the time, but anyway, here is my Foxy Fashion for June!

This black and white dress has been in my wardrobe for over a year, it was from Boohoo and I just fell in love with it. I love the illusion at the side with the black and white because I think it’s really flattering. Okay, look, to be honest I actually had spanx on and couldn’t breathe. Anyway, I wore it with my trusty white heels and a thick black choker. Simple and timeless.

This is the outfit I wore to the Penneys Press Day in Dublin. I styled the outfit around the shoes because they’re so pretty with the embroidery and pop of pink. The top and shoes are both from Penneys a while back and the skirt has been sitting in my wardrobe for years and comes out whenever I need the Carrie Bradshaw confidence. I think people either love or hate the shoes, I personally love them and when I bought them they were the last pair and an absolute bargain.

I always seem to style outfits around one particular piece of clothing and this time it was this embroidered floral belt (am I seeing a pattern here?) I honestly fell in love with it when I saw it in Penneys and I knew I just had to have it because I’ve wanted one for ages. I’ve gotten so much use out of it already. I found this outfit very fun and flirty because of the skater style of the skirt. It also looked nice with a black top but I found the red much more striking. Girls just want to have fun and all that!

This next outfit was the day after the fun and flirty outfit night so I was very hungover, very warm and needed the oversized denim jacket to hide my dodgy tan. Luckily I am still bronzed in this picture so didn’t look too close to death! These Chanel style espadrilles were from Heatons, the Jacket was my dads as we already know and the skirt was another Penneys bargain yet again.

As I said in the original post, I completely forgot I had this polka dot dress! No joke I have had it for YEARS. I think it was Penneys? Can’t remember but I would assume so. I think it is so girly and perfect for those relaxed summer days. Very 1950s! It might be a bit daring as a casual everyday look for some people but I personally love standing out and making an impact with colour and print.

I have saved my favourite outfit until last, it is also the most recent! This outfit I wore to the Matte To Metallic and Makeup Revolution Masterclass in Morrison’s Pharmacy, Cahir was giving me all sorts of pirate vibes last week! Once again the belt has made a comeback and I have teamed it with those dramatic sleeves and a pair of comfy yet chic pants from boohoo. I know I always mention pirate vibes lately, even in my last Foxy Fashion post, but honestly that was all I could think of with this one.

That’s all from Foxy Fashion for another month. We will have to see what the upcoming weather will bring because knowing Ireland I could be styling raincoats by next month. So which was your favourite? Are you inspired by the queen of quirky style Carrie Bradshaw? Or are you ready to run away with captain Jack Sparrow?

Foxy Fashion – May 2017

Hey guys!

I have a bit of an announcement to make *drum roll or something dramatic anyway* I have decided to do a new fashion section on my blog! Yayyyy! We all know I absolutely love having my own style and I really enjoy sharing pictures of this style with you guys on my social media accounts. As my wardrobe is overflowing with completely random pieces, from Penneys to Charity shops, New Look to DV8, clothes I have “borrowed” from my sisters wardrobe and random pieces my nan gives me that I manage to squeeze into an outfit somewhere, I thought I would do a roundup each month on what I have been wearing, loving or just any general fashion related thoughts I have – This can change month to month depending on where I’ve been, if I have added to my shoe collection or if I just want to show off my new dressing gown (my current one is Thumper’s face on the hood with ears, so it can’t get much better than that!)

This monthly segment of my blog will be especially for all of you who are looking for a little fashion inspiration, things to add to your wishlist, or things to make the total of your next Penneys trip 150 euro even though you only ran in for socks! Oh, no need to thank me.

Now, dun dun duuuuun, here is my first ever Foxy Fashion post! For this month I am going to run through a few of my day and night outfits and comment on each of them! Hope you enjoy!

Day Looks

The outfit below was styled around this bodysuit from Penneys. I loved this outfit at the time but looking back now I think there was too much black. I can’t wait to wear this bodysuit with a pair of jeans. Loved my hair though, look at them buns! The hair, people, the hair…

In the picture below I am wearing an outfit I absolutely adore! The reason I bought this t-shirt dress in Penneys was because in my head I had a vision about this exact outfit, you know like how people get callings to do things? Welllll, that was my life during that shopping trip – images of this denim jacket and fishnets were floating around in my mind luring me towards the Penneys registers. Also, I’m probably laughing because I managed to do the cute little buns again, orrrr I’m trying to remain calm while my brother braves 74 attempts to take a decent picture!
Another day I then went on to tuck this t-shirt into a pair of jeans for a more casual vibe, teamed with a choker for an edge and a pink pair of runners for a relaxed “Oh, this old outfit I just threw on without planning for three days in advance?” feel!

The picture below is a very casual outfit I wore recently, mostly Penneys! The adorable star print cami is from Penneys and so are the jeans. The kimono is from Boohoo a few years back. The little pointy silver shoes I picked up in Penneys for a euro and this was my first day wearing them. Never buying shoes without trying them on again, I was tip toeing around for the day because I definitely needed a bigger size! I tried to loosen them up with a hairdryer and everything but I’m too afraid to put them back on now to see if it worked. If you ever see me hobbling around the place it’s because I have braved the shoes again because they add some spice to my outfit, it will also possibly be my last day on earth because OH THE PAIN.

Night Looks

The black sweetheart midi dress from Boohoo I am wearing below is one of my favourite dresses. So classic and (sometimes) sophisticated (minus possible nip slips!) I wore it back in December so this time I just styled it differently and did my hair in a different way – I opted for straight and sleek! I know I will get so much use out of this dress, I think it is absolutely timeless. However, if you’re planning on getting ready alone do not wear it, it’s so fitted, getting me in and out of it is an 8 man job, I think we need to start using bloody machinery… sucks everything in though! 
Okay, I honestly loved the outfit below that I wore for a night out, but every time I see it I do think I look like a pirate, I think it’s the sleeves? I was surprised how much I loved this outfit because it is fairly simple, but I guess you can’t go wrong with black and white. I was also so daring with my hair that night because I rarely wear it up when I’m going out. I think every woman should own at least one plain black bodycon skirt, it is a foundation to build an outfit on. My top is from Penneys, I fell in love with the sleeves! Anybody seen my ship, can’t remember where I left it?!

The final outfit I am going to talk about this month is this one that I wore to the Bubbles and Beauty Fundraiser in aid of Ardfinnan N.S. Autism Unit… I really enjoyed this night and it was for a great cause so a huge well done to everybody involved! For this event I wore a pair of black trousers that were a part of a Boohoo co-ord set – So comfy, love them and live in them! I teamed it with a black lace bralet (remember how earlier I mentioned borrowing from my sister? Well, er…) The white shirt, believe it or not, belongs to my nan… that woman sure knows how to slay! I’m just presuming she doesn’t want it back?! Oh and I am aware that these white court heels have been in a few of these pictures, they’re from Penneys again and I love them. White is so classic and for such a simple colour it can make such a statement!

So there you go, that was my first Foxy Fashion post! I would love to hear your feedback and any questions, please let me know! Which outfit was your favourite? Also if you’re struggling to understand how much I love shopping and fashion, here is a picture from a few years back when I dragged my brother into Penneys with me! Is this why no other men stick around? Maybe I have been sabotaging myself this entire time…
Until next month, even though I will have other posts between now and then… Foxy Fashion, over and out!

Winter Is Coming

I won’t dare say the C word just yet because I bet some of you aren’t ready for it. However, when Halloween is over and I’m a Celeb starts again be prepared for my excitement in the run up to Christmas (sorry) because whether you like it or not people, WINTER IS COMING.

As the weather is becoming increasingly bloody freezing and the roof was nearly blown off my house last night I have decided to put together a winter wardrobe post! There are a few items that are always a must on my winter wardrobe list – A faux fur coat, a polo neck and a pair of thigh high boots.

I wore this outfit recently for a trip to town and absolutely loved it. There are so many different styles of trousers in this year so I couldn’t resist picking up a pair… how Victoria Beckham of me, eh? I chose these checked ones from Penneys because I loved the print (there were loads to choose from) and they fit like leggings which means both comfort and style. They are very versatile because they can be dressed up and down – I will definitely be wearing these on a night out soon with a pair of pointed toe high heels! The trousers were the main focus of this outfit, teamed with my other three usuals! (Boots, fur, polo neck)

Another one of my recent outfits consists of a simple white cropped polo neck jumper from DV8 with a suede look skirt, thigh high boots and a gold chunky chain. I love the suede look and thought it would be nice to match the skirt with the boots.
I was laughing, but on the 97th photo attempt my photographer (my brother) definitely wasn’t….
All of the colours in these outfits are pretty basic but the main focus breaks it up and makes it pop – the trousers in the first outfit and the boots and necklace in the second. Also notice how the darker lippy compliments it and sets off an autumn vibe πŸ™‚ Also, I am always loving burgundy/wine colours around this time of year!

I just love styling my autumn/winter oufits… so many beautiful rich colours and I just lust over layers, layers, layers! 
Summer is officially a distant memory and I don’t know whether I’m more excited to start watching Hocus Pocus or Elf?!

My Top Three Hairstyles For A Night Out

Anybody who knows me knows how much I love changing up my hair on a daily basis. Since I always go for a different hairstyle every Saturday night I have decided to share a few of my favourites with you! These are very simple and mainly just require a bit of practise and a lot of backcombing! Haha Enjoy πŸ™‚

1. Scrunch Dry
Okay, so for any regular followers, that was obvious! Lately I am absolutely LOVING the scrunch dry! I love that bouncy look and I think it adds a bit of oomph to any outfit. Mine usually lasts two or three days until I have to wash it again. To get this look, after applying mousse I just put the diffuser on my hairdryer and slowly scrunch my hair in my hands while blow-drying it with my head turned over. If you don’t get it right the first few times, don’t panic! It’s only recently that I can actually do it myself, my mum is a hairdresser so she taught me the ropes! Haha I then hold it with some hairspray and plumping powder. I love scrunch drying my hair because you can play around with it, leave it down, pin it back, half tie it up and it never fails to look fab! If you straighten your hair regularly it may take a few goes before it curls nicely, but keep going with it and you’ll get there eventually πŸ™‚

2. Slicked Back
You know when you’re looking for a really sleek, classy look? Slicked back is always the way to go! For me it was very Kardashian inspired and I was dying to try it out. There are loads of tutorials online of how to achieve it but hey, just grab a backcombing brush, a comb, some hairspray and go for it! You can always brush it out if it doesn’t go to plan. For me I love it slicked back but with a bit of height too!

3. Messy Straight
I know straight is a very obvious hair choice, but I can never have it too straight! I always love volume and something fun, I get too bored of my hair otherwise. Just straighten it as normal but add some plumping powder, backcomb it, flick parts out or add some subtle curls for an edgy twist. Perfect if you want a change but don’t want anything too dramatic.

Hope you enjoyed reading this! I usually choose my hairstyle and make-up depending on my outfit so it’s all about learning what works best for you and what you love the most! It’s your hair so don’t be afraid to experiment because any disasters can be easily fixed πŸ™‚ This was just a quick post so for any hair questions feel free to ask away πŸ™‚ x

The Ultimate Vegas Outfit

Hey guys!
I heard that started the #UltimateVegasOutfit Challenge and I just had to get involved because I am a huge lover of fashion challenges and a dreamer of travel! I have never been there but when I think of Las Vegas, glitz and glamour comes to mind – I can picture lights, luxury and plenty of sparkle! Having a browse through the website I realised there were so many Las Vegas hotels and other places in the Sin City to choose from and inspire my look. For me, the Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas caught my attention straight away… I think it was something to do with the crystals, unbelievable views of the Bellagio fountains and the upbeat night life! Since it was obvious I would be spending the days lounging by the pool in a bikini, I decided to focus on a dinner and night-time outfit.
For my first outfit, I decided to go for a chic and sophisticated look because it resembled the vibe of the hotel and the chandelier. The Scarpetta restaurant really appealed to me and to go here I opted for my classy River Island leather look pencil skirt to give it an edge. I teamed this with a light baggy white top to give a sexy off the shoulder look while also keeping cool. High-heels were a must and I went for a metallic pair from Penneys to add a pop of colour. However, it’s probably a good idea to use a big handbag to carry a pair of flats just incase you decide to go for a stroll afterwards. When it came to jewellery I decided on a pair of delicate diamante earrings, subtle and classic, similar to my hair which was pinned back, but the red lip still made the outfit stand out. 

For the night-time look, my favourite little black dress from boohoo was a must! The shape and material mean it’s a lot more interesting than your average LBD. The Las Vegas night life seems to be vibrant and buzzing, so what better way to dress up a simple black outfit than with a pair of eye catching heels and a statement handbag? I chose yellow, but any colour would be fab. I feel the pineapple bag just screams quirky Vegas style which I absolutely love. I chose yellow feather earrings to match. I could really see myself wearing this outfit while sipping on a cocktail with my girlfriends on the rooftop or at The Bond. 

Are any of you planning a Las Vegas holiday soon? It’s a place that has always been on my bucket list so be sure to check out for help and inspiration πŸ™‚ What would you wear if you were going to Vegas? I would love to see your looks and see what places appeal to you, because who doesn’t love a challenge, especially when it’s for fashion πŸ™‚

Penneys, the 90s and LEDs!

Hey girls! So I went into Penneys Clonmel today (shocker, right?:P) and couldn’t help but spend! They have some lovely bits in there at the moment so it’s definitely worth a look. I’ve also spotted some lovely stuff in Heatons and DV8 lately so I have been making the most of the sales. I decided to share a few of the bits and pieces I’ve picked up in Penneys over the past while just in case you see anything you like and want to head in there and have a browse πŸ™‚

Okay, so out of all the things below, I think this has to be my favourite! Who doesn’t love Friends?! and for just €8 there is no excuse not to buy it. It is a charcoal colour and a really flattering fit. I went for a size below rather than my usual size because it is quite baggy. No doubt these will be flying out of Penneys doors just in time for that Friends reunion! Hopefully this will fill the Chandler void…

The jumper below isn’t something that would usually catch my eye but I just thought it was so pretty! I love the neck and the writing. It’s casual and cosy but also looks lovely on. It isn’t like a normal hoody so the material is lighter and it doesn’t swamp you which is perfect if you love casual but fashionable clothes! It was €12 and I bought it in my usual size 10.

I looooove these earrings! Aren’t they so delicate and pretty? My sisters boyfriend Shane treated me to them and I think they are stunning. I think they will look gorgeous with most things, but in particular a little black dress. Such an elegant jewellery choice for a night out and for €2 you aren’t breaking the bank. Thanks Shane hun!


I got the earrings below for my birthday because I had my eye on them for ages. They totally remind me of the Heart Of The Ocean in Titanic which is perfect for me because that is my favourite movie! I think these are the type of earrings you will either love or hate, but I personally love them. I think they were about €4 πŸ™‚

As you may be aware I have recently been picking up bits and pieces for when my room is done up so I got the things below for this reason. I instantly fell in love with the cushion because Paris is at the top of my bucket list and I love anything Paris related. This cushion really puts emphasis on the fact that it is the city of love with the pink colour and heart designs. I basically bought it to put on my bed as a reminder of my future goals. It was only €4 and I think it is just a sweet, quirky statement piece. By the way, the stripes are on the back of the cushion. Too cute!
The flower LED lights below are also for my bedroom. I think they are so gorgeous and I bought the white because I’m not sure of my colour scheme yet. They also had a baby pink colour though which were also lovely. I knew these would add a cosy atmosphere to my room so I had to buy them. They were only €4.

I hope you enjoyed this post and saw something in it that caught your eye. I would recommend taking a trip to Penneys soon because you will not be disappointed! Don’t forget to follow me on Snapchat to keep up with my shopping adventures. Username: fenellafoxy πŸ™‚ xx

Getting My Mojo Back!

Hi guys!
So I don’t know if you all saw my most recent selfie on all my social media accounts, but I have had a VERY dramatic change πŸ™‚
Snapchat: fenellafoxy

Anyone who knows me knows I always change my hair as my life changes so I decided I needed something new, especially for the year ahead! I love experimenting with my hair and it always makes me feel great and confident when I get it done. I spent so long growing it out, but as usual, when it got long I realised I found it too boring. I love adding loads of volume to my hair and really giving it an edge which is why I used to love having it short. Despite what some people think, you can do LOADS with short hair! When I had it long it always went too frizzy so I just ended up throwing it up in a bun a lot.

After a few days of pondering, I decided to take the plunge and chop it all off! I didn’t realise how long it was until I was just about to cut it, but once my mind is made up that’s it. My mum is a hairdresser so she chopped it all off for me into a bob and I immediately fell in love with it! No more horrible split ends and wisps, I really have given my hair some life again especially since I have quite coarse hair anyway.

I have cut my hair loads of times so I never get upset and full of regret afterwards! Haha I then decided to put some teal on the ends again (hmmm I wonder which Kardashian-Jenner sister is my fave?) so had to bleach it up to get rid of the dark colour. It wasn’t too difficult to bring up light enough to dye teal because it was no longer the dead, stained hair that my mum was working with. She used the Rusk colour below because it comes up vibrant and stays in really well. We also put some brown on the roots just to give the colour a boost.

In my opinion, bobs are always in fashion and suit so many people. I love how mine frames my face but also distracts from my chin. I have a very heart-shaped face so sometimes I felt having my hair long dragged it out and made my chin look longer. Bobs can be sleek and classy but look edgy too which I love. You can have it with choppy short layers, longer layers, no fringe or different fringes, and they all look fab. My parting can be moved around and I kept the layers long but a bit shorter at the front. 

We all know celebs have been loving short hair (lob/bob) the past year or so and I don’t think this is going to go out of fashion anytime soon because it’s a timeless look. If you’re thinking of cutting your hair you should definitely go for it, I can’t wait to funk mine up with gel, plumping powder and quirky accessories! I’m also excited to get that styled volume back and flick out the ends. At the end of the day, you can always grow it again πŸ™‚ So happy to have the old me back! Oh hair mojo, I’ve missed you!

My Party Picks!

I have been browsing online a lot lately because I am on the hunt for items to add to my wardrobe for Christmas. So with sequin and velvet season in full swing I decided to show you some of my favourite party picks from! They also have up to 48% off Party Wear which ends midnight tonight, so get shopping! I have included all the links to the pieces so you have no excuse not to purchase πŸ˜‰

  • I love making the most of metallic and glittery looks over Christmas, so the dress below is a must-have for me. Really unusual but will be turning heads for all the right reasons!
  • If I was a shoe, I feel like they would make me into some sort of fluffy/pom pom high heel, because my eyes are instantly drawn to them! So cute and quirky and will dress up a black outfit πŸ™‚

  • I LOOOOOOOVE VELVET! I actually bought this dress last year and it is my favourite dress. I call it my magic dress because it is just my go to LBD. It is so flattering and is lovely if you don’t like showing off your arms. Sexy, yet very classy too!

  • This jacket is from the boohoo plus range and I think it is absolutely stunning. It is simple but a lovely shape with gorgeous detail around the edge. Perfect from day to night – would be fab with a pair of jeans and high heels!

  • Who doesn’t love a pair of earrings to dress up an outfit? Especially when they’re FLUFFY! I bought these in black somewhere else and mine cost €10, but luckily for you guys these ones are only €4! They come in both white and pink so I think I might have to buy both pairs and perhaps wear them as a quirky mismatched look, fab!
  • Anyone else getting mermaid vibes from this jumpsuit or is it just me? AND it’s backless, so what’s not to love?

  • And last but not least is this timeless classic! Add a red lip and you’re good to go!

Happy shopping ladies and just remember, take advantage of the party season outfits. Go all out, wear the outfit with confidence and have a great time πŸ™‚ xx

European Fashion Styles: Looking Stylish on the Continent

This is a piece that I wrote about fashion trends in Europe for The Spotahome Blog. Check out their blog for great posts and information about various European cities πŸ™‚

In Europe’s buzzing, ever changing cities, one thing is for sure – fashion never goes out of style. On our travels we meet new people, new traditions and new fashion trends, but how do these vary across the board? 

European Fashion: Dublin
As an Irish girl, I have walked the streets of Dublin many times, but I am still amazed by the style I come across each time. From the chic, on trend bloggers, to the quirky, risk taking art students, to the everyday man or woman out doing their shopping, Dublin is very much on trend. The rainy days and often cloudy skies allow for faux fur to make an appearance, one of my favourite autumn/winter trends. Thigh high boots are also a must have, which are often teamed with a gorgeous patterned blanket cape and an oversized handbag. The average Dublin girl lets her own fashion do the talking when she hits those streets, combining pieces of high street with vintage. Men will often be seen in a high street cardigan or a casual shirt, up to recently with a man bun, but this trend is slowly disappearing. Skinny trousers are very much desired, whether they are jeans or skinny tracksuit bottoms.

European Fashion: Rome
So you’re probably wondering what happens when in Rome? Well, in such a respectable city with so much historical importance, appropriate clothes are a must. It would be very rare to see anyone in something overly revealing. Romans are all about brands, after all, it is Italy – a major home of fashion. Jeans are a very prominent European fashion trend in this city, mainly dark coloured denim. Denim shirts and jackets are also worn often, and don’t have to be the same colour as the jeans. Even though it is quite a hot temperature over there, black is a very on trend colour – safe and fashionable. Not to worry though, this is easily brightened up with a statement scarf! As for dresses? Opt for long and flowy – elegant and perfect for the weather.

European Fashion: Madrid
Fashion in Madrid is very seasonal. The summers are hot and the winters cold. Similarly to Dublin, fur is very on trend during the winter. Stylish hats and scarves are also loved, as are sunglasses and designer handbags. Scarves are seen everywhere in different colours and styles, all year round. Spring allows for a lightweight jacket, but sandals do not make an appearance until at least May. Many people in Madrid dress very nicely, meaning goodbye tracksuits and hello shirts and stylish jeans.