Sunday, 10 May 2015

Rant Of The Week: The Trials And Tribulations Of Being In A One YearRelationship

Today is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend Andrius Kvedaravicius. Many things have changed in a year but one thing that certainly has not changed is my inability to say his last name. Andy K it is. This is a strange moment for me, mainly because we were best friends before being in a relationship so I find this quite funny and to be honest, sometimes I still laugh when we're shifting when the realisation hits me that I'm kissing my good friend Andy K. For all the people also in relationships, do you ever wonder if you've become too comfortable? Like I mean, why is he still with me when I've stopped shaving my legs and have revealed my true psycho side? Maybe he's afraid of me, seems pretty accurate. Many things have happened in our relationship that we have gotten attacking him with my bag of food during an argument was quite a low point but he saved my burger because he knew I would want it when I calmed down. A lot of our arguments end with me trying to be stubborn and dramatic and him making me laugh or cuddling me against my will like a little helpless puppy. He also chooses to point out my facial hair at the most inappropriate of times. I CAN'T HELP THE FOX GENE. Nevertheless we're going strong and I love him like 98% of the time (the other 2% is when he won't get out of bed and I have to drag him or when he stands outside the door listening to me pee to make me uncomfortable..I get toilet stage fright...) Here's to another year of romantic strolls to the chipper, constantly being told I smell like tuna, and pointless arguments!

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