Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why I Won't Be Keeping Up With This Kardashian

At this stage, I know everybody is sick to death of hearing about Kim Kardashians bits and pieces, but what sort of blogger would I be if I didn't have my say on the matter? To be honest, seeing the pictures didn't really surprise me, nor was I impressed by the ridiculous use of photoshop and complete and utter waste of baby oil. All I could think was, is this really the world we're living in? Attempting to break the internet by showing off how great it must be to have a personal trainer and someone to photoshop your bum cellulite? Well done Kim, you have a bum and a pair of breasts just like the rest of the worlds female population! Thanks for showing us, our lives have changed dramatically as a result of this. I'm not against women in the public eye getting naked if they wish, but what was the purpose of this? At least do it Keira Knightley style and strip off for the purpose of showing women the true and frightening power of photoshop.

So while all of this is going on can we take a moment to remember the people who truly deserve to break the internet? People who leave their families and risk their lives to fight for the good of their country? People struggling everyday to feed their families because they're unemployed? People who rescue animals that are living in the most horrendous of conditions? People who visit a local elderly person so that they don't go through each day in complete loneliness? Seems simple doesn't it? So what was so fantastic about Kim Kardashians recent publicity hungry stunt that makes it deserve more attention than all of these things? It only takes a few seconds to take off all your clothes, hardly a life changing series of events.

 Lets take a moment to think about Bob Geldof for example. A man who is no doubt facing a devastating Christmas due to the tragic death of his daughter earlier this year. Yet, somehow he managed to selflessly raise up to £1 million in five minutes to help Ebola victims in West Africa by gathering a group of the worlds most talented and well loved music artists and releasing Band Aid 30- "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Its people like this that should be breaking the internet.

Open your eyes people, there are bigger things in the world than Kim Kardashians behind...


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